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Days 254-261: Should I be calling this “My SOMETIMES Giggle”???????????

25 Sep

It’s slow getting back on the blogging wagon…much slower than I thought.  I’m feeling a bit guilty actually that I didn’t meet my original goals of blogging daily.  Maybe I need to rethink things….once a week isn’t terrible, right?  I could change the name to My Weekly Giggle.  Or would that be giving up?  Ugh!!!

Anyway…I’ve had another lost week here in Marissaland.  I’ve had this horrible cold that I just can’t shake.  Granted, it doesn’t help that my pregnant a$$ can’t take anything that will actually work!  It’s taken 2 weeks, but I’m finally starting to feel a bit better.  If only I could say the same for hubby dearest….

Since I was yucky forever (so it seems), I only had the energy for one bit of craftiness this week.  I’m still involved in mail swaps via Swap-bot, and I had a dotee doll swap due this week.  For those of you who don’t remember what a dotee doll is…click here!

Here she is folks!


Isn’t she a doll? (ba dum bum)  I love her little tutu and her crystal encrusted face.  She kept me busy while lying ill in bed watching countless episodes of Californication…..which is freakin hysterical by the way.  I highly recommend it.

On a side note…did I mention that my year and a half old Dell bit the big one this summer?  Thankfully I had the sense to back up all my files.  Someone was nice enough to give us a refurb as a belated wedding gift (2 years belated, but who cares!).  I have yet to load Photoshop on here or upload my backed up files so pardon the unedited image.  Hey….at least I’m back in the saddle again!  🙂


Day 182: Happy Hair

7 Jul

I am a big fan of fun and funky hair things. (As you can see here, here, here.)  So I was browsing swap-bot a few weeks ago, and there it was…..a swap made especially for me!


How could I resist that?  I signed up and anxiously awaited my partner assignment.  And what a great partner I got!  She’s young and funky (like moi).  I had a blast making her swap package.

Without further ado….


The first piece I made is a clustered flower headband in shades of black, white, and silver.


Then I made a pair of red poppy bobby pins.


The last piece I made is this funky little pouf  It’s attached to a clip like most of my other flowers.  I think it would look adorable tucked behind the ear or adorning a messy updo.  I hope she likes them!


Days 152 and 153: Dotee dolls!

8 Jun

I have another swap coming due this week, and it’s time I get crackin’ on my item.  This swap was for a mother themed dotee doll.

What is a dotee doll, you ask?

Well, to be honest…I don’t really know.  They’re all over swap-bot, but all the links to their origin are dead.  From the internet, I’ve put together the following definition:

Dotee doll: a small hand-sewn cloth doll with a sack-shaped body and appliqued face.  Dotees are supposed to be therapeutic to make, be kinda crazy looking, and are meant to be traded or given as gifts.

Yesterday, I tried out this odd little art form for the very first time.


So this is my first dotee.  I actually didn’t like the way she was coming out, so I didn’t finish her.  The baby comes out of the apron pocket.  The whole thing is poorly done and rather ugly….so I scrapped it and tried again today.


My swap partner has 2 kids and likes country music.  I gave this dotee a pair of cowboy boots and 2 little babies to hug to her chest.  These things are so crazy…I hope she likes it!

Days 134 – 139: Yes…I’m an addict.

25 May

Hello.  My name is Marissa, and I am a True Blood addict.  I have watched almost every episode of all 3 seasons in the past week, and, as a result, have seriously neglected myself, my home, my kitties, and my blog.  I realize that my addiction is irrational, especially considering how campy and poorly acted True Blood is, but I am powerless against it.  Help!

Unfortunately, my True Blood binge has kept my computer tied up over the past couple days.  I just can’t seem to tear myself away long enough to post.  However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t giggle!  Let me sum up what I’ve done the past 5 days…

Spent most of Saturday preparing for the end of the world.  It didn’t come.  Bummer…or not.  Actually, I was pretty psyched that I got to live another day.  And another.  Imagine that…me…happy about life!  Have I ever changed?!

Anyway, so I was house/catsitting this weekend for the parental units (Trivia question of the day: Where did the term “parental units” come from?).  Their cat is freakin’ weird.  She’s afraid of the dark and has never been alone, so…..Molly spent all weekend hiding in the basement.  I spent Saturday night watching True Blood and drawing mermaids.  I turned my favorite into the painting below.

So there she is in all her splendor.  This is the first one to which I added environmental details.  I haven’t collaged a background for her yet, but she’s nice so far.  She literally took me 2 days of drawing and one of painting, during which I sliced my hand open and bled all over the glass.  I guess you could say I put blood, sweat, and tears into this piece.  Or maybe I was just trying to act out scenes from True Blood.  Either way…

I have another swap due out tomorrow.  This one is a “craft your craft” swap for a lady in Florida.  She said her favorite colors are blue and green, so I made her a chunky turquoise necklace!

I love using natural materials in my jewelry.  It’s like wearing Mother Earth around your neck…Okay, okay….enough with the hippie nonsense.  I just really hope she likes it!

Days 126 and 127: Da da da

15 May

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’ve just had no energy or motivation.  Of course this means I’m backposting again…

Remember my button fairy?  Well, it’s time to start swapping, so I put together the mailing for my partner.

Look at all those goodies!

My partner is a paper crafter, so I sent along some scrapbooking ephemera with the button fairy.


I also sent glitter, candy, and a handwritten letter.  Did I mention just how much I enjoy actually WRITING letters?!  Like with a pen and paper!  It’s such a lost art.  I bought this gorgeous Japanese washi paper with little flecks of fiber in it and pretty flowers printed on it.  I’m determined to revive this dying art!

The second giggle I’m posting is another curvy mermaid.  I drew her a while ago, but finally got around to putting her on glass.  So far, she’s just a black outline.  I’ll post color later.


Oh la la!

She’s definitely my favorite so far.  I love the angles and curves.  Unfortunately, glass doesn’t photograph so well…

Proof that big girls can be sexy!

Day 106: Sweet swap surprise

23 Apr

It’s so nasty outside today.  The rain started early this morning and hasn’t let up for more than a few minutes all day.  Normally I don’t mind rain, but Scott and I really wanted to do something outdoorsy today.  Yeah, not so much now.

Instead, I stayed in and got my next swap all ready to send.  This was another craft whatever swap, and my swap partner turned out to be a very interesting lady.  Her profile told all about her life and the life of her son, an Asperger’s teen.  Now, I understand that many of you may be new to this term, but I’m not going into a giant speil about Asperger’s Syndrome and other spectrum disorders.  Google it to get your own info.  What I will say is that, as a teacher of children with special needs, I am quite familiar with the challenges faced by those on the spectrum.  My heart really went out to this woman.  I had to make her something special.

Which brings me to today’s giggle: her swap package.

Here it is all ready to go!

Aside from the item I made her (more on that later), I sent a few extra goodies along with my package.  It’s common to throw in items one doesn’t need (destash) in the hopes that the recipient can use them.  My swap partner mentioned a love for card making, so I threw in an interesting blank card, stickers, and xmas scrapbooking tags.  I got the tags in a bundle, and I obviously won’t use them…….but let someone else make something pretty!  I also included a used book in the package.  She mentioned her son is involved in a service project that gives used books to the needy.  What a great cause!  I kinda wish I didn’t just donate most of my books to the local book exchange…

Anywho…so about that handmade item… I decided to make this nice lady a pretty bracelet to wear.  It’s not just any bracelet though.  This bracelet is made in her favorite colors and sports several tiny little gold puzzle piece charms in support of autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome.  Here’s the finished product!

The bracelet is made of deep blue and green glass beads with gold findings.  My favorite part are the puzzle pieces.  I made them from the coolest stuff on earth: shrink film!  Do you remember Shrinky Dinks?  I used to play with them all the time as a kid.  I had Smurf ones and My Little Pony ones, and they all came with little stands and playsets to use them with.  They were awesome!  Apparently, someone out there decided to market the shrinky plastic to adults in art stores.  I have no idea what else I can do with it, but these little charms came out pretty neat!

Any ideas for other shrink film projects????

Day 87: Anne across the pond

4 Apr

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m rather opinionated.  I’m passionate about many things, and sometimes I have trouble holding back.  I know this passion isn’t going to win me any “Miss Congeniality” awards, but I can’t help it.  It’s just who I am.

Every once in a while, I manage to find a similar spark in someone I meet.  It happens rarely and never ceases to take me by surprise.  It’s nice to know that there are people out there who understand my passion and fervor for life and the many things it entails.  There are people who understand why I get so worked up about things and don’t think I’m crazy…or on the flip side, are just as crazy as I am.  Leave it up to L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Shirley to express my feelings perfectly…

“Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. Its splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”

Today I decided to reach out and touch someone in the hopes of finding yet another “kindred spirit.”  This month’s swap partner is an Indian transplant in the U.K. who seems to share a lot of my interests.  Aside from the bookmark I made her a few days ago, I sent along some NY souvenirs and an assortment of American goodies.


Theres some Lifesavers and LaffyTaffy, some chocolate eggs, 2 NY magnets, and shell fragments from the Long Island beaches.  I really hope she appreciates the thought and effort I put into this package.  If she truly is a “kindred spirit,” I have nothing to worry about.

Day 80: Aloha!

28 Mar

No…unfortunately, I am not writing this post from Hawaii.  I wish I was though.  It may be March, but NY is still quite frozen…and after being in Vegas, it’s just such a shock to the system!  I’m definitely dreaming of warmer places with palm trees swaying in the breeze, the sound of crashing waves lulling me to sleep on my chaise, the feel of sand between my toes, the delicious smell of Coppertone, and a cold, strong, fruity drink served by scantily clad cabana boys…. A girl can dream, can’t she?!

Today’s giggle is a gift for my next swap partner.  I signed up for a homemade bookmark swap.  My partner lives in the UK and has a lot of interests similar to mine.  Her profile mentions that she likes vintage pin ups and wants to live by the beach someday.  I decided to make her an aloha bookmark!

I found this lovely lady online somewhere.  I printed her out, glued her down to some card and decorated it.  Isn’t she pretty?

and the back

I wrote a nice little note on the back and doodled some gold seashells on it.  I really hope she likes it!


Day 66: Dear Pen-pal…

14 Mar

I’m a bit disappointed in myself right now.  I’ve had a lot going on, and blogging had to take the back burner these past 2 days.  I just couldn’t get around to doing it, and when I did have the time, my brain hurt too much to type.  Even though I didn’t blog it, I did make a giggle each day.  Let me catch you up.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a letter.  I don’t mean email or a quick note to a colleague.  I’m referring to pen and paper, stamps and envelope, sit down at the table kind of letter.  Snail-mail, as they call it, has kinda gone the way of the dodo.  Gone are the days of chain letters that had to be copied by hand and mailed with stamps.  Gone are the days of watching the mailbox for a response from your friend far away.  Gone are the days of pretty stationary sets and fountain pens and writing desks.  None of it really exists anymore.

It’s funny how the older I get, the more nostalgic I become for these kinds of things.  I never thought I would be the type of person who resists technology, but I find myself in that situation now.  I have a cell phone, but never use it.  I have an e-reader only to save space on my bookshelf.  Hell, I still have a “boom box” with a cassette deck in my classroom (which finally bit the dust today…)!  Don’t get me wrong, I like toys and gadgets.  I just have a hard time letting go of what I’m used to.

Today (Monday), I wrote my first physical letter in I don’t know how long.  It’s addressed to my swap partner. Unfortunately, once I saw my atrocious handwriting I had to settle for a typed and printed letter.  I just couldn’t leave it like that could I?

Pretty stationary!

Here’s my letter all blurred out.  I can’t tell you what I had to go through to get stationary.  Nobody around here carries regular paper and envelope sets anymore.  I had to settle for fancy printer paper.  I wanted to make it special, so I researched different kinds of letterfolds and came up with this:

very secret letter....

I tried dozens of folds, but this one was the only one where I fully understood the instructions.  I’m a visual person, but sheesh!  Come on people!  If you’re posting a tutorial, please include a few written direction in with all the pictures!!!

Then, I got my package together and got it ready to mail.

all the goodies

I hope she  likes it!!!