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Days 266-272: I love me some wearable art!

5 Oct

I had so much fun with my crow cameo that I just had to make more!  Over the past couple of days I’ve made 3 more shrink film necklaces.  Unfortunately, I had some adhesive issues, but after finding this stuff……all’s good!  It even comes in clear!!!

So time to show the goods!

retro chic!

Aren’t they lovely?  I love how they have the look of something old but are still kinda modern.  And they were soooooooooooooooooo easy!



Day 106: Sweet swap surprise

23 Apr

It’s so nasty outside today.  The rain started early this morning and hasn’t let up for more than a few minutes all day.  Normally I don’t mind rain, but Scott and I really wanted to do something outdoorsy today.  Yeah, not so much now.

Instead, I stayed in and got my next swap all ready to send.  This was another craft whatever swap, and my swap partner turned out to be a very interesting lady.  Her profile told all about her life and the life of her son, an Asperger’s teen.  Now, I understand that many of you may be new to this term, but I’m not going into a giant speil about Asperger’s Syndrome and other spectrum disorders.  Google it to get your own info.  What I will say is that, as a teacher of children with special needs, I am quite familiar with the challenges faced by those on the spectrum.  My heart really went out to this woman.  I had to make her something special.

Which brings me to today’s giggle: her swap package.

Here it is all ready to go!

Aside from the item I made her (more on that later), I sent a few extra goodies along with my package.  It’s common to throw in items one doesn’t need (destash) in the hopes that the recipient can use them.  My swap partner mentioned a love for card making, so I threw in an interesting blank card, stickers, and xmas scrapbooking tags.  I got the tags in a bundle, and I obviously won’t use them…….but let someone else make something pretty!  I also included a used book in the package.  She mentioned her son is involved in a service project that gives used books to the needy.  What a great cause!  I kinda wish I didn’t just donate most of my books to the local book exchange…

Anywho…so about that handmade item… I decided to make this nice lady a pretty bracelet to wear.  It’s not just any bracelet though.  This bracelet is made in her favorite colors and sports several tiny little gold puzzle piece charms in support of autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome.  Here’s the finished product!

The bracelet is made of deep blue and green glass beads with gold findings.  My favorite part are the puzzle pieces.  I made them from the coolest stuff on earth: shrink film!  Do you remember Shrinky Dinks?  I used to play with them all the time as a kid.  I had Smurf ones and My Little Pony ones, and they all came with little stands and playsets to use them with.  They were awesome!  Apparently, someone out there decided to market the shrinky plastic to adults in art stores.  I have no idea what else I can do with it, but these little charms came out pretty neat!

Any ideas for other shrink film projects????