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Days 254-261: Should I be calling this “My SOMETIMES Giggle”???????????

25 Sep

It’s slow getting back on the blogging wagon…much slower than I thought.  I’m feeling a bit guilty actually that I didn’t meet my original goals of blogging daily.  Maybe I need to rethink things….once a week isn’t terrible, right?  I could change the name to My Weekly Giggle.  Or would that be giving up?  Ugh!!!

Anyway…I’ve had another lost week here in Marissaland.  I’ve had this horrible cold that I just can’t shake.  Granted, it doesn’t help that my pregnant a$$ can’t take anything that will actually work!  It’s taken 2 weeks, but I’m finally starting to feel a bit better.  If only I could say the same for hubby dearest….

Since I was yucky forever (so it seems), I only had the energy for one bit of craftiness this week.  I’m still involved in mail swaps via Swap-bot, and I had a dotee doll swap due this week.  For those of you who don’t remember what a dotee doll is…click here!

Here she is folks!


Isn’t she a doll? (ba dum bum)  I love her little tutu and her crystal encrusted face.  She kept me busy while lying ill in bed watching countless episodes of Californication…..which is freakin hysterical by the way.  I highly recommend it.

On a side note…did I mention that my year and a half old Dell bit the big one this summer?  Thankfully I had the sense to back up all my files.  Someone was nice enough to give us a refurb as a belated wedding gift (2 years belated, but who cares!).  I have yet to load Photoshop on here or upload my backed up files so pardon the unedited image.  Hey….at least I’m back in the saddle again!  🙂


Days 183 and 184: The organizing gnome

9 Jul

One of my 29 before 30 goals was to seriously reduce my amount of stuff (and thereby become more organized).  Now that I’ve got a summer free, this has become a priority….so….here it is!   The first edition of

(dah da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Marissa’s Organized Home!

This week we will take a look at my closet.  Here is a “before” pic.


My closet was stuffed full of clothes that I DIDN’T EVEN WEAR!!!!!  Believe it or not, I had things in there from college!  Why??????  I kept wearing the same things over and over because THEY WERE ALL I COULD FIND!!!  It was a nightmare.  Not only could I not see what I had, but removing items from the rack was difficult because they were so squished in there.  Shirts would fall off the hangers all the time and end up in the abyss.  Something had to be done.

Out came the donation bags and my favorite closet organizing tool ever……

Slim Velvet Hangers!

It’s amazing how much of a difference hangers make.  Not only do my clothes not fall off of these, but they take up so much less space!

Ready for the reveal?

a streamlined closet

the bottom

I only did the one side of the closet, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I donated 5 bags of clothes!

During all this organizing, I did have some crafty time.  My next swap is another dotee swap.  My partner expressed an interest in gnomes.  Well…..how could I deny her?


Isn’t he cute?  And sooooo happy!


Days 152 and 153: Dotee dolls!

8 Jun

I have another swap coming due this week, and it’s time I get crackin’ on my item.  This swap was for a mother themed dotee doll.

What is a dotee doll, you ask?

Well, to be honest…I don’t really know.  They’re all over swap-bot, but all the links to their origin are dead.  From the internet, I’ve put together the following definition:

Dotee doll: a small hand-sewn cloth doll with a sack-shaped body and appliqued face.  Dotees are supposed to be therapeutic to make, be kinda crazy looking, and are meant to be traded or given as gifts.

Yesterday, I tried out this odd little art form for the very first time.


So this is my first dotee.  I actually didn’t like the way she was coming out, so I didn’t finish her.  The baby comes out of the apron pocket.  The whole thing is poorly done and rather ugly….so I scrapped it and tried again today.


My swap partner has 2 kids and likes country music.  I gave this dotee a pair of cowboy boots and 2 little babies to hug to her chest.  These things are so crazy…I hope she likes it!

Days 118 and 119: Lovin’ the plushies!

7 May

Back-posting again.  A school function prevented me from posting Thursday, and yesterday I felt like poop.  Just because I didn’t post doesn’t mean I didn’t make anything!

I’ve been focusing on those fat mermaids lately, and thought….why must they be 2D?  I’d love to make a fat mermaid sculpture!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary materials, time, space, or energy to go all out with clay.  Instead, I made a little mermaid dolly!

She’s the same style as my sugar plum fairy from so long ago.  She’s all done by hand (still no sewing machine!) and has crimped green yarn for her hair.  Even though I doubled the girth on the base pattern, she still didn’t turn out fat.  I really think I need a different material to get the look I want.  Still, she’s be-u-ti-ful!

Ooh La La!

Day 64: Anyone out there?

12 Mar

Today was a great day.  Scott and I went out east to visit the wineries.  Then, we stargazed over at the Custer Observatory.  I’ve never looked through a real telescope before, and I have to say that it was pretty amazing.  I could see every tiny nook and cranny on the moon, not to mention stars and nebulae that I didn’t even know existed.  I could clearly see things that are hundreds of thousands of light years away with the scopes they had there.  I was pretty awe-struck.

I’ve always had an interest in space(the final frontier).  I grew up in a Star Trek household, and I frequently imagined Vulcans or some other race landing on Earth.  It just doesn’t seem plausible that we are the only lifeforms in existence.  We are a tiny speck inside an infinite universe.  How could we possibly be alone in all this?

That being said, I thought it time to “reach out and touch someone.”  I checked swap-bot this morning and found my mailing information for my next swap!  Time to get to work!  For this swap, I’m supposed to make whatever I make best and mail it to my assigned person.  I checked out her profile and got lots of great ideas.  What did I make?  Hair flowers of course!

This first flower is lavender and black lace on a black ribbon wrapped headband.

ooooooh ahhhhhhhh

Too cute!

The chick’s profile said she liked purple, so I went with it.  It also said she liked 50’s vintage style, so….

It's a pin!

What’s more 50’s than a cheery cherry print?  I made a cute flower that has a pin back AND a hair clip!

It's a hair clip!

It’s definitely more casual and funky than the other one I’m sending her.  I hope she likes them.  I may have to make copies for myself…

Day 63: Dear Dolly

11 Mar

TGIF!!!  I swear this has been the longest week ever.  I have had a million things on my plate and no motivation to do any of them.  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

I started my weekend by finally finishing the body of that stocking dolly I started a few days ago.  I have a new found respect for doll-makers, because this business is hard work!  No matter what I did to her, she ended up looking like a lopsided potato with growths.  She’s definitely worth a laugh though!

Hahahahahaha.  Yeah….. You know what she kinda reminds me of?  That adorable dinosaur from “Meet the Robinsons.”

Most definitely.

I dub thee Dino Dolly!

Now what to wear?

Day 60: There’s a run in my stocking!

8 Mar

I am not a morning person.  I have such a hard time getting out of bed that I actually set my alarm for almost 2 hours before I have to leave just so I have time to snooze.  Unfortunately, this means that I’m usually rushing through my morning routine.  Some things I can speed up…others no.  One task that always takes forever is finding a pair of stockings that aren’t torn!

What could I do with all those torn stockings?

Make a stocking dolly!

Now, she’s obviously not finished, but I still think she’s pretty cute.

Ready for your close up?

She’ll take a few days to finish, I’m sure.  I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Days 38 and 39: A Monster For Your Pocket

15 Feb

I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I did plenty of giggling, but just didn’t have the time to write (type) any of it down.  Scott and I went to the opera last night as a special Valentine’s Day treat.  I had a blast, although I don’t think I’ll be doing the trip to Manhattan on a school night thing anymore.  I’m a zombie today!

I received 2 of my 3 promised swapped valentines in the mail yesterday.  They were somewhat different than what I expected, but lovely all the same.  It was really nice to get a little surprise in the mailbox.  One of my swap-mates even sent me a nice letter along with the beautiful card she made.  It was pretty fabulous.  I could really get into the whole swap experience, so I signed up for my second swap!

Today’s giggle is a pocket-sized felt monster for my second ever craft swap.

Fear me! I am the Donut Monster!!!!

Cuz what’s scarier than reaching into a box of donuts only to have 1 of them eat your fingers?!  Think of that the next time there’s a box of donuts in the staff room!

Rawrrrrrr! Beware my sprinkles of doom!!!!

Day 26: I’ll just leave my card…

2 Feb

Yet another snow day!  Well, I guess it’s more of an ice day.  New York was hit with an ice storm of “historic proportions” last night, or so says the National Weather Service.  Personally, things don’t look too terrible from my window, but I sure as anything am not going to venture out in this nastiness if I don’t have to!  Lucky for me that there’s plenty to do right here.

So I’ve had several experiences lately where someone has asked me for my card.  It happened this weekend at a gallery, a few times this month while shopping for art supplies, and every once in a while I get a random person coming up to me that’s interested in some handmade accessory that I’m wearing.  I had some business cards made a few years ago advertising an Etsy site I ran, but that has since gone the way of the dodo.  I need something new, something fun yet professional, and something multi-purpose.  Luckily I get a million offers for this sort of thing in my inbox every week.  I made up some cards today, and they should be here in the next couple of weeks.  But once they’re here, where do I put them???  The obvious solution?  Make something!

I browsed the internet looking for a pattern and came across this great tutorial on Prudent Baby.com.  I had plenty of fabric hanging around, so why not?  I used buckram instead of interfacing and decreased the size of the front flap, but otherwise followed her directions (without the sewing machine of course hint hint hint hint).  Check it out!

Remember the sugar plum fairy wings?

I can’t wait to get those new cards so I can carry them around in my fun little holder.  In the meantime…I guess this pic is a free plug for my gastroenterologist?


Day 25: Sunshine, daisies…

1 Feb

With all this nasty ice, I needed a bit of sunshine in my day.  I decided to make a few more of those fabric flowers and fashion them into a necklace.  Check out the results below…

I used pearls, yellow stones, and pink crystal beads with the yellow and blue fabric flowers.  I’m really enjoying the results.

Pretty flowers!  Yay!