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Days 183 and 184: The organizing gnome

9 Jul

One of my 29 before 30 goals was to seriously reduce my amount of stuff (and thereby become more organized).  Now that I’ve got a summer free, this has become a priority….so….here it is!   The first edition of

(dah da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Marissa’s Organized Home!

This week we will take a look at my closet.  Here is a “before” pic.


My closet was stuffed full of clothes that I DIDN’T EVEN WEAR!!!!!  Believe it or not, I had things in there from college!  Why??????  I kept wearing the same things over and over because THEY WERE ALL I COULD FIND!!!  It was a nightmare.  Not only could I not see what I had, but removing items from the rack was difficult because they were so squished in there.  Shirts would fall off the hangers all the time and end up in the abyss.  Something had to be done.

Out came the donation bags and my favorite closet organizing tool ever……

Slim Velvet Hangers!

It’s amazing how much of a difference hangers make.  Not only do my clothes not fall off of these, but they take up so much less space!

Ready for the reveal?

a streamlined closet

the bottom

I only did the one side of the closet, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I donated 5 bags of clothes!

During all this organizing, I did have some crafty time.  My next swap is another dotee swap.  My partner expressed an interest in gnomes.  Well…..how could I deny her?


Isn’t he cute?  And sooooo happy!



Day 46: Project Organization!

22 Feb

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pack rat, especially when it comes to art and craft supplies.  I just can’t bring myself to throw anything away.  I may need that tiny scrap of fluff someday!  As a result, my supply closet is a gigantic mess.  I’m terrified of stuff crashing down on me when I open the door, and I can never find anything anyway.  It was time to do something about it.

I took a trip to good ol’ wally world yesterday for some organization inspiration.  Did I ever hit the jackpot!  I haven’t tackled the whole closet yet, but I finally got my beads and fabric in order.

Disguised as a mild mannered blue tote...

Ta da!!!!! Look at all the stuff this guy holds!!!

See all those pliers over there?  I have so many because I KEPT LOSING THEM IN THAT CLOSET!!!!  I had to keep buying new ones!  No more!!!

I also tackled my fabric and hair accessory supplies…

All this.....

becomes this!!!

Soooooo wonderfully compact!  I’m really happy with the results.  I’m not so happy with the mess left over…