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Day 182: Happy Hair

7 Jul

I am a big fan of fun and funky hair things. (As you can see here, here, here.)  So I was browsing swap-bot a few weeks ago, and there it was…..a swap made especially for me!


How could I resist that?  I signed up and anxiously awaited my partner assignment.  And what a great partner I got!  She’s young and funky (like moi).  I had a blast making her swap package.

Without further ado….


The first piece I made is a clustered flower headband in shades of black, white, and silver.


Then I made a pair of red poppy bobby pins.


The last piece I made is this funky little pouf  It’s attached to a clip like most of my other flowers.  I think it would look adorable tucked behind the ear or adorning a messy updo.  I hope she likes them!



Days 155 – 158: Of blogs and other things

13 Jun

Blogging is a funny thing.  It’s a lot like keeping a diary, except everyone in the world has the key.  I pour my heart and soul into these pages and give others a glimpse into my quirky little life.  I like having a venue to make my thoughts and beliefs heard.  However, unlike a real diary, I have to be careful with what I post.

Everyone these days is internet crazy.  Between Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and all the other social media out there, words can circulate like wildfire.  All it takes is one picture, one joke, one misstep and your peace can be destroyed.  Take this whole Anthony Weiner thing, for instance…  So the guy sends some nudie pics to women he met online…this is nothing new.  People do this all the time.  They have cyber relationships and sexting and all that fun stuff.  Being a politician doesn’t make it any more wrong than if he was Joe Shmo the office clerk, but it does mean that he’s got more to lose.  And that he’s being watched more closely.  He got caught, and now he’s royally screwed.  His life and career will never be the same, all because he snapped a picture of his junk and put it on the internet.  Serious lack of judgement…

You don’t have to be high profile to have this happen to you either.  I read somewhere that infidelity is on the rise as a result of social media sites.  People think that the computer screen offers them privacy.  They can do things through the screen that they wouldn’t normally do.  However, Big Brother is always watching…

Let’s take my blog for instance…I’ve shared my life and views with you all for over 5 months now.  In that time, I’ve posted about politics, religion, society, relationships, culture, etc. in addition to the art and laughter that is this blog’s focus.  I’ve touched on controversial issues, and I’ve tried really really hard to not dig my own grave.  I won’t lie…I seriously censor my posts.  Each of my more serious entries has gone through several revisions before I deem it safe enough to publish.  It sucks, but it must be done.

I wrote a very long and very eloquent blog post earlier.  I read and reread it, each time coming to the same conclusion…It’s un-postable.  It really sucks, but what can I do.  As passionate as I feel about some issues, it’s best I keep them to myself.

That being said, on to the giggles!

Friday, I made an awesome dinner.  It inspired this giggle…


This was a modified Rachel Ray recipe for pineapple hominy stuffed avocados.  I used mango and shrimp instead of the pineapple.  It was deeelicious!

The next giggle is a headband I created.


I don’t know what it is about these headbands that I enjoy so much.  I love them!  This will look fabulous with my grey skirt…

The piece de resistance of today’s list of giggles is my new handbag!  A while ago, I posted about my experiments with woodburning.  Did it ever pay off?!

Ta da!

This is my wine box purse!  She’s burned into the front of the box and painted in watercolors.  I glued pearls around the edge and on the face of the box to add a little sparkle.

and the back

I used an embossed paper and ribbon to cover the back and sides of the box.

and the inside

I lined the inside of the box with shell pink paper and fabric and put a little pocket in for lipstick and goodies.  I’m very proud of my new bag!!!!!

Last, but not least, is today’s giggle.  It needs no explanation…


Day 85: Ring around the rosie, headband full of posies…

3 Apr

I’ve gotten really bad at posting on time…Bad Marissa!  I must make more of an effort to post every day.  I promise that I’ll try.

Anyway…a few days ago I had this great idea for a big peony type hair flower.  I saw one in a magazine or something, and the idea just got stuck in my head.  I took the idea and ran with it.

Here’s the finished product…

There she is all big and frilly.  I made her from some pale purple satin and white eyelet chiffon, and she’s attached to a grey ribbon-covered headband.  I liked her so much that I made another one…

yay blue!

This one is a deep royal blue satin with white tulle on a spring green band.  I have no idea when or if I’ll wear these, but I loved making them!

and together

On a side note…I just love these photos.  These are completely au natural (aka no photoshopping or manipulation of any kind) and the lighting is gorgeous!  And so is my crystal vase and the uber cool crystal soil beads.  I bought them at that lame St. Patty’s day fair a few weeks ago, and so far, so good.  They kept a mixed bunch of flowers looking great for 2 weeks, but didn’t fare so well with a bunch of irises.  They sure do look pretty though, and they match my fabulous tablecloth!


Day 67: Rainbow Pride

15 Mar

Every year, my school participates in a homeroom competition where each homeroom is assigned a color.  The contest is to see which homeroom will best represent that color in their attire.  The kids and teachers really get into it and have a great time.  They come up with all kinds of wild costumes (orange hula skirts anyone?).  It’s such a fun day.  The best part is that all the money the kids pay to participate goes to charity.  The worst part is that I don’t have a homeroom.  😦

I’m certainly not implying that I want a homeroom.  I’m just sad because…well…what color do I wear?  I try so hard not to play favorites, but what can I do?  If I can’t pick just one color…..well, I’ll just have to wear them all!!!  My outfit consisted of a white shirt, grey pants, blue shoes, purple scarf, and many rainbow accessories…one of which I made Tuesday and is the subject of this post.

Behold the rainbow headband!

I found this great rainbow ribbon and AC Moore and had to pick it up.  It’s so cheery and peppy….like something a 5 year old would wear!

NOT 5 years old!

This headband is over the top, even for me….but I got a days worth of giggles out of making and wearing it!


This fabulous rainbow headband can be yours for the price of 1 interesting comment on this post!  I’ll randomly select someone on March 31 to be the lucky recipient.  (make sure I have some way to contact you!)  Good luck!

Day 64: Anyone out there?

12 Mar

Today was a great day.  Scott and I went out east to visit the wineries.  Then, we stargazed over at the Custer Observatory.  I’ve never looked through a real telescope before, and I have to say that it was pretty amazing.  I could see every tiny nook and cranny on the moon, not to mention stars and nebulae that I didn’t even know existed.  I could clearly see things that are hundreds of thousands of light years away with the scopes they had there.  I was pretty awe-struck.

I’ve always had an interest in space(the final frontier).  I grew up in a Star Trek household, and I frequently imagined Vulcans or some other race landing on Earth.  It just doesn’t seem plausible that we are the only lifeforms in existence.  We are a tiny speck inside an infinite universe.  How could we possibly be alone in all this?

That being said, I thought it time to “reach out and touch someone.”  I checked swap-bot this morning and found my mailing information for my next swap!  Time to get to work!  For this swap, I’m supposed to make whatever I make best and mail it to my assigned person.  I checked out her profile and got lots of great ideas.  What did I make?  Hair flowers of course!

This first flower is lavender and black lace on a black ribbon wrapped headband.

ooooooh ahhhhhhhh

Too cute!

The chick’s profile said she liked purple, so I went with it.  It also said she liked 50’s vintage style, so….

It's a pin!

What’s more 50’s than a cheery cherry print?  I made a cute flower that has a pin back AND a hair clip!

It's a hair clip!

It’s definitely more casual and funky than the other one I’m sending her.  I hope she likes them.  I may have to make copies for myself…