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Day 81: Girls Girls Girls

29 Mar

As mentioned previously, I was in Las Vegas this weekend.  I didn’t have time for much sightseeing, let alone souvenir shopping.  Have no fear, though.  I managed to bring a little piece of Vegas home with me!

Just like here in NY, every street corner on the Las Vegas strip is covered with street hawkers.  However, these guys and gals aren’t trying to sell you knockoff handbags, celebrity bus tours, or even drugs.  They are hawking sex.  Now believe it or not, prostitution IS NOT legal in Las Vegas.  I’d always heard it was, but no.  There are places in Nevada where selling sex is legal, but they are several miles outside of the city.  Don’t think that stops people though!  All along the strip are people advertising “girls girls girls straight to your hotel room!”  These girls are advertised as “escorts” or “dancers,” but let’s not be fooled.  My Vegas souvenir was a set of cards advertising these midnight companions.

Which got me thinking….what are these girls like?  What are their lives like?  What do they do during the day?  For today’s giggle, I imagined the girls in their day jobs.

Meet Karen.  Karen is a hair stylist.  She grew up in California, but moved to Vegas for her then boyfriend.  She enjoys shopping, motorcycles, and tequila shooters.

Katrina is a trained chef, but is currently working as a line cook in an off-strip casino restaurant.  She’s a Las Vegas native who dreams of moving to Paris someday to study French cooking.  She likes ballroom dancing, kung foo movies, and very rare steaks.

Kim is a Kindergarten teacher.  She moved to Vegas from her hometown of Buffalo, NY for a teaching job.  Unfortunately, her school debts followed her.  When Kim’s not in the classroom, you can find her at the gym training for triathlons.

Paula is currently working as a lifeguard at Mandalay Bay.  She used to be an IT professional, but was downsized during the local economic crisis.  Thankfully, she is an excellent swimmer.  Paula enjoys chess, web surfing, and watching Jeopardy.

The sad thing is that these girls probably make a much better living as “escorts” than they would in standard job.  What is wrong with this picture?