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Days 166-168:

23 Jun

My firsts week off from school hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be.  I don’t know what the deal is lately, but I’ve been all wacky and insomniac-ish.  I have gotten a lot done though!

One of my summer goals is to reboot my etsy site.  I’ve had one for a while, but it hasn’t been active in over a year.  I decided to try again with a new name, new look, and new focus.  It’s still not up and running, but I did manage to make a shop banner that I’m reasonably happy with…

It still needs some tweaking, but I’m happy with the overall feel of this one.  And it went through many incarnations, let me tell you!

I finally got around to painting the cat lady mermaid I drew up a few days ago, too!

I really like the purple/gold combination.  Now, I need to do those backgrounds….

Last, I will leave you with a photo that I took this morning.


That just never gets old…

Happy giggles!



Day 92: Walt Disney I am not…

9 Apr

What a day it has been!  Scott and I were all over the place today.  We started at a craft fair in the park and ended up randomly walking around Queens.  (I ❤ bubble tea!!!!!)

There was this psychic lady at the craft fair doing palm readings for cheap.  Now, I don’t wholly subscribe to that psychic business, but I do believe it keeping my mind open to all possibilities…so I sat down at her table and had her read my palm.  Boy, was that interesting!  She told me all kinds of things about my past, present, and future that were surprisingly accurate and rather scary.  She knew I was creative and work well with children.  She told me exactly how many times I’ve been in love.  She told me about children and career and a change of address in the near future.  It really was fascinating.  Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve read palmistry books before and could never figure them out.  There are just so many variables that it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate reading without years and years of intense practice.  I can’t imagine how that lady found all that info in the palm of my hand, and I know enough to take her predictions with a grain of salt.  Still, it was a fun experience!

After what the psychic told me, I decided to be super creative today.  I tried my hand at animation!  I have decided that while the end results are amusing, the process is just so terribly tedious that I can’t enjoy it too much.  I did get a good giggle in watching it though.  Check it out here:


Let me know if any of you make an animation too!

Day 53: Superhero!

1 Mar

I had so much fun making my mangatar yesterday that I had to experiment with more avatar maker sites.  Today I made my own superhero!

Age: 43 eons

Superpowers: Mind-eating, metal dissolving sweat, champion canasta player

Likes: Cats of all sizes, spelunking, discussing theology

Dislikes: Technology, infomercials, cuddling

Make your own here.



Day 52: Avatar + Manga = Mangatar!

28 Feb

I have a high level of respect for Japanese animation and manga.  As a kid (okay…teen) I used to get up extra early to watch reruns of Sailor Moon before school.  I’ve recently gotten into Hayao Miyazaki’s movies.  There’s just something about the animation style with the big expressive eyes that has always interested me.

Today I created my own mangatar.  It’s basically a little avatar me done in manga style.


Teehee!  Scott thinks it really looks like me only younger.  Make your own at faceyourmanga.com.

Day 35: Indulgence is an okay thing

11 Feb

It’s been a long long long week for me.  I feel like I’ve been all over the place, and I just haven’t had the time or energy to do anything for myself.  So for today’s giggle, I decided to allow myself to indulge.  People think “indulge” is such a bad word these days.  Every piece of chocolate, every dollar, every minute has to be accounted for somehow, or there’s Hell to pay.  Forget that!  Every once in a while, indulgence is fine, even necessary, to stay sane and enjoy life.  Today’s indulgence/giggle: a manicure!!

Now this may not seem too extreme to most of you.  Manicures have become pretty mundane things in American culture.  Most women I know (and some men) have a regular nail salon they go to weekly for fill ins and polish changes and such.  A manicure for them is just routine…like brushing your teeth or getting a haircut.  Not so for me.  I’m an art teacher remember?  I spend the majority of my workday elbow deep in paint, clay, paper mache, you name it.  All I have to do is think about work and the nail polish practically jumps off my nails in fear.  My hands are like war zones, all covered in scrapes and bruises from who knows what.  As a result of all this, manicures are a thing of the past.  They’re just not practical, so I don’t get them.

Today, however, I threw caution to the wind and got a little pampered.  I chose a sparkly red polish for Valentine’s Day, and enjoyed every minute of the filing, painting, drying, and most of all, that great little shoulder massage they give you when you’re done.  Ah bliss!

I took a pic of my pretty digits and funked it up a bit.  Check it out…

Almost abstract, and I bumped up the colors.  My nails, however, really are that red!

Day 20: Hot chicks!

27 Jan

Another 12″ of snow closed school and kept me housebound again today.  Thank goodness I had a lot to keep me occupied!

Yesterday I registered on swap-bot.com to participate in my first ever mail art swap!  I’m unbelievably excited!  I’m going to be making and sending valentines to 3 random people, and I should be getting 3 valentines in return!  I decided to make a little tunnel book card with birds.  Scott helped me flesh out some of the characters today.  I’ll post more when it’s finished.

I like to call her Zsa Zsa.  Can’t wait to finish the whole book!

Day 14: Don’t Call Me Baby!

21 Jan

Ever since that painting I did last week, I’ve had babies on the brain.  It’s just such a loaded image.  What do you think of when you see a picture of a baby?……cute, cuddly, family, happiness, etc. etc.  What if I turned that on its head?  I decided to play with that imagery a bit in today’s giggle.


Cute, isn’t she?  And a bit angst y, but wouldn’t you be too?  I think this may become a painting at a later date…

Day 11: Giggle Every Day

18 Jan

I didn’t feel particularly cutty-pasty today, but I still wanted to make something.  Thank goodness for Illustrator!  I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone…hence the new banner!!  I really enjoy the look on cartoon me’s face.  I’m thinking bumper stickers?

Day 3: Key To My Heart

10 Jan

Today’s giggle happened in the classroom….drawing club to be exact.  I had a small group today, and they were all happily busy with their independent projects.  All but one, that is.  This student is…..how shall I put it?…..rather disagreeable, and he LOVES to push my buttons!  I made a bit of a game out of it actually, and today I decided to push back.

So this student, let’s call him Jim, signed up for almost every club I offer in spite of the fact that he doesn’t like art.  Weird, I know, but what can I say?  He must really enjoy my company.  Anyway, so here we are in drawing club and Jim isn’t doing much of anything.  I hope to motivate him by drawing along side him and begin with an elephant head.  Jim is impressed, scoots his chair over, and starts making fun of my drawing (which is something he does when he feels insecure about his own work).  The conversation goes something like this:


Jim:  What’s with the bug-eyed elephant?  He looks crazy.

Me:  SHE’s not bug-eyed.  She’s beautiful.

Jim:  SHE???  Oh no!  You’re going to girlify it, aren’t you?  Please, please, please don’t ad a bow!

Me:  Just for you, here’s a bow AND a necklace!



At this point, the other kids started chiming it with ideas for my drawing.  They were way too many ideas to use, of course, but I appreciated the input.  I took  my sketch home and (badly) photoshopped it.  Here is the end result:



It’s super sappy and girlie, but that’s what made me giggle.  What’s cuter than a tiny blue mouse holding the key to a pink elephant’s heart?  Granted, Mr. Mouse is locking up Ms. Elephant, but maybe she likes it that way…