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Day 154: Hendrix I’m not…

9 Jun

Don’t you just love when things just fall into place?  That’s what happened with today’s giggle.  I came home, turned on the computer, and giggly goodness smacked me right in the face!

Check out today’s Google…In tribute to Les Paul, Google’s homepage features an interactive guitar.  I fiddled around with it for a while and came up with the following little ditty.









Day 115:

2 May

I left the title of today’s post blank, because I can’t really find the words to describe how I’m feeling right now.  So much has happened in such a short time.  I’ve spent my day searching my soul for the meaning of all this.

So, in case you didn’t know…Osama bin Laden is dead.  That’s all fine and good, I guess.  I mean, he’s an evil mass murdering psycho right?  And he’s responsible for the deaths of all those innocent people on 9/11.  And a dozen different countries have been searching for him for almost 10 years…He had it coming to him.

What I’m having a hard time with is the way my fellow Americans have reacted to the whole thing.  Everyone’s gone all red, white, and blue.  People who were complaining about Obama and the U.S. government yesterday are waving flags and dancing in the streets today.  It just seems so twisted.  How angry were they when citizens of other countries celebrated the bombings on 9/11?  How are we really any different?  Violence may sometimes be a necessary evil, but it’s still evil and should not be celebrated!  I’m glad bin Laden can’t kill any more people, but I don’t need to stoop to his level and celebrate death!

Anyway, so this whole thing has been eating at me all day.  I swear, if I hear “Proud to be an American” one more time, I’m gonna puke!  I’ve always been proud of my country, but right now….not so much.  I’m rather ashamed by my compatriots’ disgusting behavior.  Embarrassed, is a better word I think.  Now, I understand why so many nations hate us….. As a whole, Americans can be pretty insensitive.

Since I was feeling down and frustrated, I decided to compile a list of inspirational websites for today’s giggle.  I know it’s not all artsy fartsy, but it made me feel better about myself and this great country.

1.  100 Thing Challenge – I came across this site today while searching for ways to downsize my life.  I’ve just got so much stuff and nowhere for it to go!  This guy basically challenged himself to downsize his life to 100 things that he really couldn’t live without./  How amazing!  I’m sitting here staring at my gnome collection, Scott’s movies, the kitchen appliances that live above the refrigerator, and all the random clutter about my place and think…..what if?

2. The Happiness Project  – This fabulous website is actually a companion to the book I’m currently reading by the same name.  I have yet to formulate a solid opinion about Gretchen Rubin’s approach to a happier life, but I’m inspired by her dedication to her project.  What is My Daily Giggle but a happiness project of my own?

3. How Do I Love Me – Sign the pledge to do something loving for yourself for the next 31 days.  What a wonderful idea!  I signed the pledge…did you?

4.  Beliefnet – This is  a great all around inspirational website.  While I tend to stay away from the religious side of it, I really appreciate the inspirational stories and articles, as well as the humor and comments from real people.

5. Heal Your Life  – Like beliefnet, it’s chock full of self help articles and daily affirmations.  It’s given me several great ideas.

Well, there it is….my inspirational list.  Let me know if you follow any of my links and what you think.

Lastly,…..I’ve lit a virtual candle dedicated to all those people who’ve needlessly lost their lives, as well as those people who won’t allow themselves to really live.

Day 114: MAY DAY MAY DAY….no really, it’s May Day!

1 May

Another gorgeous spring day out here on Long Island.  Everything’s in bloom, and you can almost hear the sounds of summer carried in on the wind.  It’s also May 1st, or May Day!

What is May Day, you ask?  According to wikipedia, May Day is a combination of several ancient holidays that all seem to be about rebirth, renewal, fertility, love, and sex.  May Day falls during the druid festival of Beltane, the Roman festival of Flora, and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night. It’s main purpose is to celebrate the coming of summer and give hope for a fertile season.  In Britain, it’s been traditional for towns to erect a maypole (yes, I said “erect”), which is essentially a giant phallus in the center of town.  Young men and women would then dance around the maypole, weaving colored ribbons down its length and meeting in the middle.  Because, what better way to meet your future mate than to dance together around a giant stick?

I don’t know how many couples actually got together at a maypole dance, but today, Scott and I did!!!

look at all the pretty ribbons!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory.  No, we did not erect a maypole in our yard…There was a May Day festival at Benner’s Farm out in Setauket!  Scott grew up around there, but neither of us had ever been to the farm.  It was fabulous!!!  They had a fiddler playing fun music while we all danced around the pole.  It created such a pretty braid…

say "May Day!"

Unfortunately, the ribbons got a little twisted from all the little ones pulling on them, so we couldn’t do the entire pole.  I still think it came out pretty.

Not only did the farm have a maypole dance, but they also had arts and crafts vendors, food, and BABY ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’ve decided that I want to raise sheep.  Yes, you heard that right folks, this Jewish American Princess wants to be a shepherdess!  I just can’t get over how darn cute these little guys are!  Besides, it’s always been my dream to get closer to nature… It’s not like I’d raise them for meat, though.  I don’t think I could handle killing something, especially something this cute.  I’d want milk and wool sheep.  And I’d make fun stuff from the wool and sell sheep cheese at a farm stand and be simple and happy.  Yup, that’s my goal.

I'd also have a duck pond...

with lots of ducks!

And a rabbit hutch full of fluffy little angora bunnies!!!!!

I soooo wanted to take this bunny home.  She was for sale, but where would I keep a rabbit in such a small place????  Especially with all my crap…

Speaking of which, I did actually craft something today besides the maypole.  I joined another swap, this one for a little piece of random pretty called a button fairy!

with butterfly wings

I hope my partner likes it!

Day 102: L’chaim! Wait……I mean L’ham!

19 Apr

For those of you living in a culturally challenged bubble, tonight is the second night of the Jewish celebration of Pesach or Passover.  Basically, Jews everywhere celebrate a moment in history that happened over 2000 years ago.  In a nutshell, Jews were slaves in Egypt.  Pharoah decided to kill little Jew boys.  One little Jew boy, Moses, escaped death by being dumped in a river by his obviously well-meaning but judgement-challenged family only to be found and raised by Pharoah’s daughter.  Moses grows up, discovers his Jewishness, and leads his people to freedom.  Miracles abounded, and Moses (aka Charlton Heston) even got to part the red sea and drown a bunch of Egyptians.  Woo hoo!  Great holiday!

I don’t mean to be cynical….well, okay…yes I do.  I’m all for celebrating freedom from oppression, but the details of the story just never sat quite right with me.  While I was born and raised Jewish, I never really subscribed to the whole thing.  I’m a firm believer that every person should try to find their own spiritual path, whether it’s the religion they were born into or another they’ve come to love.  Personally, I like my religion cafeteria style.  I pick and choose what I want to believe from the many cultures and religions of the world.  Consider it a safeguard against all that “my G-d’s the only G-d” business.  If I believe in a little of everything, I can’t get stuck on the wrong side of the pearly gates/reincarnation/what have you.  Besides, there are a few common threads that weave through all of the world’s religions.  I consider these commonalities the basic rules to live by, not what a couple of old men decided to write down a couple thousand years ago.

That being said, I do identify myself as being culturally and traditionally Jewish.  I celebrate the important holidays and observe the rites and rituals that suit me.  My family has always gotten together for a traditional Passover sedar (loooooong dinner where we retell the above mentioned story along with singing and lots of drinking) on both the first and second nights of the holiday, but not this year.  This year, we had a sedar of convenience the weekend before Passover actually started, leaving me with nothing to do during the holiday itself.  I decided that, if I couldn’t have a traditional Passover sedar with the family, I would have an anti-traditional sedar at home!  My new holiday: Porkover!

What is Porkover, you ask?  Let me show you!


This is my Porkover table.  There is no sedar plate symbolizing all the hardships of life in slavery.  Instead, the centerpiece of the table is a gigantic platter overflowing with pork.  Instead of traditional passover foods like gefilte fish and matzo stuffing,tonight’s meal consisted of food as far from kosher as possible.

oink oink

The star of the show was a apricot and mustard glazed ham.  The crust charred a bit in the oven, but it was sooooooo delicious!  Did I mention the ham came free with a $100 purchase at the supermarket?


As a side dish, we had baked celery root with bacon, olives, and parmesan.  This was my first time cooking celery root (aka celeriac), and It is definitely my new favorite root vegetable.  Granted, it’s one of the only roots I’ll eat…It tastes almost exactly like artichoke hearts.  You must try it!  I got the recipe here.  It didn’t quite slice the way they said it would, but it was fabulous none the less.

Lastly, what sedar would be complete without wine?  Forget Maneschewitz concord grape!  Tonight’s wine was made by a company called “The Dot”  I’d never tried this label before, but Stew Leonards gave it a nice writeup, so I decided to go for it.  The variety was Austrian Pepper/Gruner Veltliner.  I can’t even tell you just how good this wine was (is…I’m enjoying a glass as I write this).  The wine is crisp, light, and definitely spicy on the finish.  It paired fabulously well with my Porkover meal.

And yes, I put the box of matzo on the table purely for sh%ts and giggles.


Day 92: Walt Disney I am not…

9 Apr

What a day it has been!  Scott and I were all over the place today.  We started at a craft fair in the park and ended up randomly walking around Queens.  (I ❤ bubble tea!!!!!)

There was this psychic lady at the craft fair doing palm readings for cheap.  Now, I don’t wholly subscribe to that psychic business, but I do believe it keeping my mind open to all possibilities…so I sat down at her table and had her read my palm.  Boy, was that interesting!  She told me all kinds of things about my past, present, and future that were surprisingly accurate and rather scary.  She knew I was creative and work well with children.  She told me exactly how many times I’ve been in love.  She told me about children and career and a change of address in the near future.  It really was fascinating.  Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve read palmistry books before and could never figure them out.  There are just so many variables that it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate reading without years and years of intense practice.  I can’t imagine how that lady found all that info in the palm of my hand, and I know enough to take her predictions with a grain of salt.  Still, it was a fun experience!

After what the psychic told me, I decided to be super creative today.  I tried my hand at animation!  I have decided that while the end results are amusing, the process is just so terribly tedious that I can’t enjoy it too much.  I did get a good giggle in watching it though.  Check it out here:

Let me know if any of you make an animation too!

Day 75: A love affair with cows

23 Mar

I still can’t figure out how to post the song I made yesterday.  It was a nifty little ditty with a folky country sound.  Too bad I can’t share it.  What I can share is the software that made it. is probably one of the coolest websites I’ve come across.  I don’t know enough about the mechanics of music to make anything really good, but I thoroughly enjoyed messing around with the program for a while.  Give it a go, and let me know what you think.

Today’s giggle is another internet find (can you tell that I’m short on time this week?).  I think I’ve previously alluded to my love affair with cows.  I collect cow themed items as seen here. I even had kissing cows as my wedding cake topper!  It wasn’t always this way.  There was a time when cows terrified me.  I’m talking about the screaming and crying child kind of scared.  I think it had to do with their size and vacant expression.  As a child, my family spent a lot of time in Amish country, and the cows just freaked me out.  My family liked to poke fun at this irrational fear and buy me all kinds of cow paraphernalia. And so, the collection began.

When I came across, I was less than impressed with their selection of  fun photo options…that is, until I came across these cows…

Odd isn’t it?  I don’t quite get the point behind the image.  Is it supposed to be funny?  I don’t know, but I’m amused by cows saying they love me!!!