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Day 92: Walt Disney I am not…

9 Apr

What a day it has been!  Scott and I were all over the place today.  We started at a craft fair in the park and ended up randomly walking around Queens.  (I ❤ bubble tea!!!!!)

There was this psychic lady at the craft fair doing palm readings for cheap.  Now, I don’t wholly subscribe to that psychic business, but I do believe it keeping my mind open to all possibilities…so I sat down at her table and had her read my palm.  Boy, was that interesting!  She told me all kinds of things about my past, present, and future that were surprisingly accurate and rather scary.  She knew I was creative and work well with children.  She told me exactly how many times I’ve been in love.  She told me about children and career and a change of address in the near future.  It really was fascinating.  Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve read palmistry books before and could never figure them out.  There are just so many variables that it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate reading without years and years of intense practice.  I can’t imagine how that lady found all that info in the palm of my hand, and I know enough to take her predictions with a grain of salt.  Still, it was a fun experience!

After what the psychic told me, I decided to be super creative today.  I tried my hand at animation!  I have decided that while the end results are amusing, the process is just so terribly tedious that I can’t enjoy it too much.  I did get a good giggle in watching it though.  Check it out here:

Let me know if any of you make an animation too!


Day 84: Big kitty roar

1 Apr

My cat, Penny, is trying to escape.  She waits by the door in hopes of freedom.  Every once in a while, she actually manages to make it down the stairs too, but I always catch her before she gets outside.  Today, Scott was carrying Penny back up the stairs from yet another escape attempts when she made the weirdest, most awesome sound ever.  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch it on camera….but I did my best to recreate it.



No joke.  That is seriously what she sounded like today.  I swear, she’s turning into a mountain lion…Should I be scared?

Day 62: Of Kitties and Cuteness

10 Mar

Today was a cranky day.  Everyone else was cranky, so it made me cranky.  I can’t stand it!  Must be a full moon or something…

Anyway, I soooooo needed a good giggle today.  I came across the video camera that I bought hubby as a wedding gift, and after laughing a whole lot at the stuff on there (and crying a bit at footage of our wedding ceremony), I decided to try my hand at editing video.

Check it out! (Don’t forget that I’m an editing virgin!)

Nope…definitely nothing cuter than a kitty.  2 kitties = 2 times the cuteness!  If only my editing skills did them justice…