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Days 254-261: Should I be calling this “My SOMETIMES Giggle”???????????

25 Sep

It’s slow getting back on the blogging wagon…much slower than I thought.  I’m feeling a bit guilty actually that I didn’t meet my original goals of blogging daily.  Maybe I need to rethink things….once a week isn’t terrible, right?  I could change the name to My Weekly Giggle.  Or would that be giving up?  Ugh!!!

Anyway…I’ve had another lost week here in Marissaland.  I’ve had this horrible cold that I just can’t shake.  Granted, it doesn’t help that my pregnant a$$ can’t take anything that will actually work!  It’s taken 2 weeks, but I’m finally starting to feel a bit better.  If only I could say the same for hubby dearest….

Since I was yucky forever (so it seems), I only had the energy for one bit of craftiness this week.  I’m still involved in mail swaps via Swap-bot, and I had a dotee doll swap due this week.  For those of you who don’t remember what a dotee doll is…click here!

Here she is folks!


Isn’t she a doll? (ba dum bum)  I love her little tutu and her crystal encrusted face.  She kept me busy while lying ill in bed watching countless episodes of Californication…..which is freakin hysterical by the way.  I highly recommend it.

On a side note…did I mention that my year and a half old Dell bit the big one this summer?  Thankfully I had the sense to back up all my files.  Someone was nice enough to give us a refurb as a belated wedding gift (2 years belated, but who cares!).  I have yet to load Photoshop on here or upload my backed up files so pardon the unedited image.  Hey….at least I’m back in the saddle again!  🙂


Day 151: Stone-faced

6 Jun

I’ve been spending a lot of my time in art supply stores lately, and today I came across an unusual product.  Introducing “Shape & Mold” modeling compound by a company called WeVeel!

I don’t normally buy air dry clay.  I find it lacks plasticity and tends to crumble when hard.  However, this stuff was on clearance, and it was just too cool to pass up!  It came in a million different textures like wood, stone, cork, etc.  At $2 a piece, I had a really hard time picking only one, but I ended up with the stone texture.  I brought it home, laid down some parchment, and got to work.  Now what was I going to make……?

A curvy mermaid of course!

So there she is, all stone-faced.  I was going for a Copenhagen style Little Mermaid look.

See the resemblance?

The bronze statue, however iconic, is far too waif-like in my opinion.  I gave my mermaid some curves!

side view

back view

She’s little…only about 4″ high.  While I love the stone texture, the clay was a bit spongy and couldn’t hold much fine detail.  I don’t think it takes away from the piece though.  And I like her dreads…  🙂

Days 118 and 119: Lovin’ the plushies!

7 May

Back-posting again.  A school function prevented me from posting Thursday, and yesterday I felt like poop.  Just because I didn’t post doesn’t mean I didn’t make anything!

I’ve been focusing on those fat mermaids lately, and thought….why must they be 2D?  I’d love to make a fat mermaid sculpture!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary materials, time, space, or energy to go all out with clay.  Instead, I made a little mermaid dolly!

She’s the same style as my sugar plum fairy from so long ago.  She’s all done by hand (still no sewing machine!) and has crimped green yarn for her hair.  Even though I doubled the girth on the base pattern, she still didn’t turn out fat.  I really think I need a different material to get the look I want.  Still, she’s be-u-ti-ful!

Ooh La La!

Days 110 and 111: Procrastination is EEEEEEEVVVVVVVIIIIIILLLLL!!!!!

29 Apr

Yeah….I suck.  It’s been almost 3 whole days since I posted here, and I have no one to blame but myself.  You see, I had all week off for spring break, but I waited until Wednesday (the last day of vacation) to start any work.  What happens then?  I’m swamped, of course!

I’ve always had a bad procrastination habit.  I was always the one in college to wait until the night before a paper was due to start the darn thing.  I’m the one who’s always crammed before tests, pulled all-nighters, and gotten up at 3am to finish work before school.  I used to say, “I work best under pressure,” But that’s a load of bull if I ever heard one.  The truth is that I HATE waiting until the last minute to do things, but I just can’t get myself motivated to start earlier.  And yes, I always make my deadlines.

As a result of the massive amounts of schoolwork I had to do on Wednesday, there was no “giggle time.”  I just couldn’t fit it in.  Did I learn my lesson?  Of course not!  Yesterday (Thursday), I chose to do some crafting instead of my work.

Here’s what I made!

It's a little lamby!!!!!!

Yup, he was an excellent distraction!  I ordered a needle felting kit from Fancy Tiger on Etsy.  Remember…learning to needle felt was on my 29 before 30 list!  I get to scratch one thing off my list already!!!!!


Day 91: A bowl full of sugar makes the day brighter!

8 Apr

It’s been a long time since I went to a ladies night.  I used to go back in the day, but being married and all…I just want a quiet night with the hubby.  Tonight was different.  I got myself all dolled up and met the girls in town for an evening of drinking, talking, and…painting pottery!!!  Yes, I said pottery.  It was ladies night at the local pottery studio.

Let me clear something up.  This isn’t Demi and Patrick in Ghost kinda pottery.  There’s no wet clay involved.  There’s really no mess at all.  Everything is already bisque fired and waiting to be glazed.  Think of it as plastercraft for adults.  After picking out our chosen vase, bowl, what have you, we sat down at a table with our wine and snacks and glazed the pottery.  It was pretty amazing.  It totally brought back my ceramics painting party days…I chose to spiffy up an adorable little sugar bowl with lid in a stained glass style.  I did take pictures, but they’re on my friend’s camera, and I haven’t gotten them yet.  Don’t worry though, I’ll update with before and after shots ASAP.

Have a great one!


I finally got those pics I took.  Here’s what it looked like before firing.



I got the call today (4/18) that the bowl is ready for pick-up.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  I’ll post pics when I get it.  🙂

Day 65: Luck o’ the Irish

13 Mar

I love holidays.  I love celebrating holidays.  I love decorating for holidays.  I love holiday parades.  It doesn’t really matter to me whether the holidays are from my culture or not, I still participate.  I love any reason to party!

That being said, St. Patty’s Day is one hell of a party!  Between the parades and the festivals and the pub crawls…There’s always something going on this time of year.  Today, I went to a St. Patrick’s Day festival over at the local college.  They had Irish music, dancing, food, crafts, the whole 9 yards.  To be honest, it was kinda lame…except for the crazy step dancing.  That stuff just blows my mind!

The fair got me in a festive mood, so today’s giggle is a little bit o’ green to wear on Thursday.

You'll never get me lucky charms!

I made him from polymer clay.  I think he’s pretty cute.  Scott made one too, but his is the stuff of nightmares…or bad horror movies…

Yeah…like that one.

Day 63: Dear Dolly

11 Mar

TGIF!!!  I swear this has been the longest week ever.  I have had a million things on my plate and no motivation to do any of them.  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

I started my weekend by finally finishing the body of that stocking dolly I started a few days ago.  I have a new found respect for doll-makers, because this business is hard work!  No matter what I did to her, she ended up looking like a lopsided potato with growths.  She’s definitely worth a laugh though!

Hahahahahaha.  Yeah….. You know what she kinda reminds me of?  That adorable dinosaur from “Meet the Robinsons.”

Most definitely.

I dub thee Dino Dolly!

Now what to wear?

Day 61: Rainy day ducky!

9 Mar

Remember back in January when I wished to see something happy in the news?  The sentiment still stands.  Aside from the usual misery, a new issue has taken center stage in the local papers…education budget cuts.  What is wrong with this country that we don’t even blink at the millions of dollars paid to movie stars, but quibble over the salaries of public school teachers?  Who deserves more money?…a celebrity who can take a pretty picture or a teacher who educates and shapes young minds?  Who’s doing more good?  Who’s got the more important job?  Ugh!

Very few people realize how much teachers are responsible for besides the few hours they spend in the classroom.  There are hundreds of hours of prep work, extracurricular activities, parent conferences, professional development, community involvement, and personal hardship that are all associated with the job.  I may only work 10 months out of the year, but I work damn hard during those 10 months.  I have a major problem with people calling my salary into question.

That being said, I really do enjoy my job.  Even with all of the hassle, where else could I be this creative?  One of my extra duties today was revamping the garden display outside of the school.  A few years ago, I worked with the kids to make a unique painted birdbath out of clay pots and glass stones.  It really was beautiful.  Unfortunately, the cold New York winter took its toll, and the birdbath did not make it out alive.  I used the salvaged clay pots to create a cute snowman that was on display all through this winter.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the whole thing.  He spent most of the winter buried under the snow.  But it’s March now.  The weather’s getting warmer.  The crocuses are up.  I am soooooo done with snow!

Today I refashioned Mr.. Snowman into a cute little rainy day ducky!


The back side is cute too!


I love her little rain hat and umbrella!  She’s all ready for a spring shower!

Day 60: There’s a run in my stocking!

8 Mar

I am not a morning person.  I have such a hard time getting out of bed that I actually set my alarm for almost 2 hours before I have to leave just so I have time to snooze.  Unfortunately, this means that I’m usually rushing through my morning routine.  Some things I can speed up…others no.  One task that always takes forever is finding a pair of stockings that aren’t torn!

What could I do with all those torn stockings?

Make a stocking dolly!

Now, she’s obviously not finished, but I still think she’s pretty cute.

Ready for your close up?

She’ll take a few days to finish, I’m sure.  I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Day 54: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…

3 Mar

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a-flying
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.
–   Robert Herrick

For some reason I recall this poem every time I see a bouquet of flowers.  I don’t know where I learned it or when, but I apparently memorized it somewhere down the line.  It’s kinda miserable when you think about it.  Enjoy your life now, because you’ll be dead pretty darn soon!  Lovely.

This type of poem is very characteristic of who I have been most of my adult life.  It’s dark, dreary, seems all nice and pretty, but it’s really freakin’ miserable.  I’ve lived my life this way for as long as I can remember.  What can I say?  I’m kinda dark and moody.  However, I have noticed a definite shift in my way of thinking over the past few years.  Don’t get me wrong…I still have plenty of doom and gloom Daria-style moments, they’re just fewer and far between.  I’ve been making a conscious effort to change thought patterns and the way I cope with things for a while now, and I think it might be finally working.  After all, the only thing in life one can really change is oneself.

Today, I decided to make a flower that won’t die.  And I experimented with origami.  Go me!

It's a daylily!

And the side

How pretty is that?  I think I may have to make a whole bouquet of these…  You can find instructions here.