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Days 166-168:

23 Jun

My firsts week off from school hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be.  I don’t know what the deal is lately, but I’ve been all wacky and insomniac-ish.  I have gotten a lot done though!

One of my summer goals is to reboot my etsy site.  I’ve had one for a while, but it hasn’t been active in over a year.  I decided to try again with a new name, new look, and new focus.  It’s still not up and running, but I did manage to make a shop banner that I’m reasonably happy with…

It still needs some tweaking, but I’m happy with the overall feel of this one.  And it went through many incarnations, let me tell you!

I finally got around to painting the cat lady mermaid I drew up a few days ago, too!

I really like the purple/gold combination.  Now, I need to do those backgrounds….

Last, I will leave you with a photo that I took this morning.


That just never gets old…

Happy giggles!



Day 164: Furry Love

19 Jun

I don’t understand (or trust) people who don’t like animals.  What’s not to like?  Pets give unconditional furry love.  They want to be around you regardless of your flaws.  They love you for who you are (and it doesn’t hurt that you feed them either).  Animals are wonderful!

That being said, I got so much great feedback on my catfish painting that I just had to make another.  This time…..I added a mermaid too!

Aren’t they precious?!


Days 155 – 158: Of blogs and other things

13 Jun

Blogging is a funny thing.  It’s a lot like keeping a diary, except everyone in the world has the key.  I pour my heart and soul into these pages and give others a glimpse into my quirky little life.  I like having a venue to make my thoughts and beliefs heard.  However, unlike a real diary, I have to be careful with what I post.

Everyone these days is internet crazy.  Between Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and all the other social media out there, words can circulate like wildfire.  All it takes is one picture, one joke, one misstep and your peace can be destroyed.  Take this whole Anthony Weiner thing, for instance…  So the guy sends some nudie pics to women he met online…this is nothing new.  People do this all the time.  They have cyber relationships and sexting and all that fun stuff.  Being a politician doesn’t make it any more wrong than if he was Joe Shmo the office clerk, but it does mean that he’s got more to lose.  And that he’s being watched more closely.  He got caught, and now he’s royally screwed.  His life and career will never be the same, all because he snapped a picture of his junk and put it on the internet.  Serious lack of judgement…

You don’t have to be high profile to have this happen to you either.  I read somewhere that infidelity is on the rise as a result of social media sites.  People think that the computer screen offers them privacy.  They can do things through the screen that they wouldn’t normally do.  However, Big Brother is always watching…

Let’s take my blog for instance…I’ve shared my life and views with you all for over 5 months now.  In that time, I’ve posted about politics, religion, society, relationships, culture, etc. in addition to the art and laughter that is this blog’s focus.  I’ve touched on controversial issues, and I’ve tried really really hard to not dig my own grave.  I won’t lie…I seriously censor my posts.  Each of my more serious entries has gone through several revisions before I deem it safe enough to publish.  It sucks, but it must be done.

I wrote a very long and very eloquent blog post earlier.  I read and reread it, each time coming to the same conclusion…It’s un-postable.  It really sucks, but what can I do.  As passionate as I feel about some issues, it’s best I keep them to myself.

That being said, on to the giggles!

Friday, I made an awesome dinner.  It inspired this giggle…


This was a modified Rachel Ray recipe for pineapple hominy stuffed avocados.  I used mango and shrimp instead of the pineapple.  It was deeelicious!

The next giggle is a headband I created.


I don’t know what it is about these headbands that I enjoy so much.  I love them!  This will look fabulous with my grey skirt…

The piece de resistance of today’s list of giggles is my new handbag!  A while ago, I posted about my experiments with woodburning.  Did it ever pay off?!

Ta da!

This is my wine box purse!  She’s burned into the front of the box and painted in watercolors.  I glued pearls around the edge and on the face of the box to add a little sparkle.

and the back

I used an embossed paper and ribbon to cover the back and sides of the box.

and the inside

I lined the inside of the box with shell pink paper and fabric and put a little pocket in for lipstick and goodies.  I’m very proud of my new bag!!!!!

Last, but not least, is today’s giggle.  It needs no explanation…


Days 145-148: I’m baaaaaaaack!

3 Jun

Hello there!  Good to see you.  It’s been a while.

So the week from hell is finally over.  Nothing bad happened…I’ve just been super incredibly busy with stuff.  I started a yoga class that will last through the summer.  I’m seeing a new doctor to help with my back issues.  And today was the last teaching day of the school year!!!!!!!!

With everything that’s been going on, I just couldn’t find the time to post.  I did make stuff though.  Lots of giggles happening here!  First up is another funky pillbox hat.

Believe it or not, I actually made this one with my club kids.  They thought it was hysterical.  Theirs came out pretty cute too.  Will I ever wear this one?….probably not.

except maybe this once...

Eccentric much?

Anyway…so that was Tuesday’s giggle.  Wednesday I was just too busy to do anything.  Yesterday’s giggle is a fun photo…

It's alive!!!!!!

Remember my herb garden?  It’s only been a week, and this sh!t’s growing like crazy!  I have no idea which of the herbs those are, but I can’t wait to find out!  I’m looking forward to some homemade caprese salad this summer!

Last of all is today’s giggle.  I’ve been working so much with my curvy mermaids lately….it was time for a bit of a change.  Today, I chose to paint something else…


Isn’t he cute?!!!!!!  I think the next painting will be a curvy mermaid with her pet catfish.  🙂

Day 144: Burn Baby Burn

30 May

Ain’t no party like a disco party cuz a disco party don’t stop!

Burn baby burn!  Disco inferno!

Well….more like an artwork inferno.  I spent today exploring my pryomaniacal tendencies (???).  Basically, I burned stuff.  😀  I didn’t just go around lighting random sh$t on fire.  I actually had a plan.  Today I learned the fine art of woodburning!

So what is woodburning?  When I told Scott what I was up to today, he pictured a pot bellied stove in the middle of our apartment…not quite what I had in mind.  Woodburning is an art technique where instead of drawing on wood with pencil, you use an extremely hot tool to burn a design into the wood itself.  People have been doing this for years, usually depicting furry little animals right before or after being shot.  It’s one of those rare “manly arts” like whittling and taxidermy.  Master woodburning artists make incredibly detailed pictures that kinda blow my mind.

African Grey Pet Portrait Pyrography by Jeffrey Carnal

That’s freakin’ burned into the wood!!!!  I can’t get over the detail and shading!  Anywho…as amazing as this art form might be, it’s not really my style or speed.  Why’d I tackle such a process then?…for a very special project.

When I was in the City the other day, I came across these funky little purses made from old hardcover books.  Again, not my cup of tea, but I was inspired.  I’ve been hanging onto this wooden box that came as part of a wine gift set for several months now, and I’ve finally decided what to do with it.  I’m going to make a wine box purse!!!!!

I kicked around several ideas for creating this box purse.  Maybe paint?  Pastel?  Decoupage?  Quilted?  Nothing really clicked until I came across this photo on Google.

Steampunk Squid Purse Cigar Box Style Wooden By RiverOtterWidget

Amazing!  Incredible!  Fun, funky, and classy all rolled into one!  This was done using a woodburning tool.  I just had to try it.  No squids for me though….I’ve got mermaids!

It’s a mermaid coaster!  This is my first ever pyrography (doncha just love that term?!).  I did all the line work and shading with heat tool and added the color with watercolor paints.  It was a definite learning experience…those pearls were the hardest part!!!  The tool just isn’t made for round things.

Kisses from the sea!






Day 143: Just chillin’

29 May

I got home so late last night.  Today was a day to relax and recoup.  Scott and I had a nice leisurely morning, followed by grillin’ and chillin’ at the park.  What a great start to summer!

I finally finished that mermaid I started last weekend.  I collaged up a background and took some pictures.  Let’s take a look!

She's chillin' too!

This is my largest painting/collage yet in this series.  She’s 11×14.  I really like how the pink in the background relates to the pinky tones in her tail and hair.

coral reef anyone?

I’ll definitely be adding more vegetation into my mermaids from now on.  I love how it creates an environment around her.  I’d considered adding a sea floor into this one, but I decided against it.  I don’t want her grounded like that.  Mermaids need to be floaty and free.

I think I'll call her Freckleface Strawberry!

Days 134 – 139: Yes…I’m an addict.

25 May

Hello.  My name is Marissa, and I am a True Blood addict.  I have watched almost every episode of all 3 seasons in the past week, and, as a result, have seriously neglected myself, my home, my kitties, and my blog.  I realize that my addiction is irrational, especially considering how campy and poorly acted True Blood is, but I am powerless against it.  Help!

Unfortunately, my True Blood binge has kept my computer tied up over the past couple days.  I just can’t seem to tear myself away long enough to post.  However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t giggle!  Let me sum up what I’ve done the past 5 days…

Spent most of Saturday preparing for the end of the world.  It didn’t come.  Bummer…or not.  Actually, I was pretty psyched that I got to live another day.  And another.  Imagine that…me…happy about life!  Have I ever changed?!

Anyway, so I was house/catsitting this weekend for the parental units (Trivia question of the day: Where did the term “parental units” come from?).  Their cat is freakin’ weird.  She’s afraid of the dark and has never been alone, so…..Molly spent all weekend hiding in the basement.  I spent Saturday night watching True Blood and drawing mermaids.  I turned my favorite into the painting below.

So there she is in all her splendor.  This is the first one to which I added environmental details.  I haven’t collaged a background for her yet, but she’s nice so far.  She literally took me 2 days of drawing and one of painting, during which I sliced my hand open and bled all over the glass.  I guess you could say I put blood, sweat, and tears into this piece.  Or maybe I was just trying to act out scenes from True Blood.  Either way…

I have another swap due out tomorrow.  This one is a “craft your craft” swap for a lady in Florida.  She said her favorite colors are blue and green, so I made her a chunky turquoise necklace!

I love using natural materials in my jewelry.  It’s like wearing Mother Earth around your neck…Okay, okay….enough with the hippie nonsense.  I just really hope she likes it!

Day 131: Turned upside-down and drama free

18 May

I wonder who coined the phrase “upside down”….It couldn’t have been someone too bright, I mean…what a dumb phrase!  Who refers to an objects top surface as its “upside” anyway???

Today was an average day in the life of me.  Nothing extraordinary to report.  Things have pretty much returned to normal, I guess.  I’ve been trying really hard to stay cool and centered.  I don’t know what’s gotten into people…or me for that matter…but everyone seems to have been a little crazy lately.  If I’d wanted drama, I’d have been an actress!

I finished yesterday’s mermaid painting and am pretty happy with the results.  She looks a tad different than you will remember…


The colors are a bit off cuz my scanner’s on the fritz.  She’s much richer in person.  Some of you may remember that I drew her upside-down, but she just wasn’t working for me.  I kept thinking that this beauty looked heavy curving downward…not heavy as in fat, but as in weighed down by something…like all the crap I’ve been dealing with.  Flipped over, she looks like she’s floating along without a care in the world.

I strive for this kind of emotional freedom every day.  I admire people who “go with the flow” and just let the destiny/fate/etc carry them through.  It would be so freeing to cast off all the nonsense and drama and just float along happy as a clam…or in this case, a mermaid.  Someday….

Day 128: Who’s the fairest in the land…er…sea?

16 May

So I finished yesterday’s mermaid painting.  She is by far my favorite!  Take a look!

I am the fairest of them all!

I had a lot of fun painting this one.  I pulled out the metallic silver paint and gave her some shimmer.

oooooh sparkly!

I’m really having fun with this series!

I hope you are too!!!!

Days 126 and 127: Da da da

15 May

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’ve just had no energy or motivation.  Of course this means I’m backposting again…

Remember my button fairy?  Well, it’s time to start swapping, so I put together the mailing for my partner.

Look at all those goodies!

My partner is a paper crafter, so I sent along some scrapbooking ephemera with the button fairy.


I also sent glitter, candy, and a handwritten letter.  Did I mention just how much I enjoy actually WRITING letters?!  Like with a pen and paper!  It’s such a lost art.  I bought this gorgeous Japanese washi paper with little flecks of fiber in it and pretty flowers printed on it.  I’m determined to revive this dying art!

The second giggle I’m posting is another curvy mermaid.  I drew her a while ago, but finally got around to putting her on glass.  So far, she’s just a black outline.  I’ll post color later.


Oh la la!

She’s definitely my favorite so far.  I love the angles and curves.  Unfortunately, glass doesn’t photograph so well…

Proof that big girls can be sexy!