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Days 185-253: A crazy crazy summer!

17 Sep

Well hello there dear readers! It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, but this time I promise that there’s a good reason for the absence.  However, you’ll have to patiently await that reason.  Hell….you’ve already waited this long…   😉

Anyway, I had a blast this summer.  I kept super busy and giggled lots, even though I never posted anything.  Well, the time has come…  Here is a visual recap of the last 69 days!







Aren’t the bunny hat and booties the cutest?!  But who could they be for????????

That’s right!  Me!  Well…..actually for the mini me due to arrive this spring.  Yes folks, I am officially pregnant!


Days 183 and 184: The organizing gnome

9 Jul

One of my 29 before 30 goals was to seriously reduce my amount of stuff (and thereby become more organized).  Now that I’ve got a summer free, this has become a priority….so….here it is!   The first edition of

(dah da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Marissa’s Organized Home!

This week we will take a look at my closet.  Here is a “before” pic.


My closet was stuffed full of clothes that I DIDN’T EVEN WEAR!!!!!  Believe it or not, I had things in there from college!  Why??????  I kept wearing the same things over and over because THEY WERE ALL I COULD FIND!!!  It was a nightmare.  Not only could I not see what I had, but removing items from the rack was difficult because they were so squished in there.  Shirts would fall off the hangers all the time and end up in the abyss.  Something had to be done.

Out came the donation bags and my favorite closet organizing tool ever……

Slim Velvet Hangers!

It’s amazing how much of a difference hangers make.  Not only do my clothes not fall off of these, but they take up so much less space!

Ready for the reveal?

a streamlined closet

the bottom

I only did the one side of the closet, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I donated 5 bags of clothes!

During all this organizing, I did have some crafty time.  My next swap is another dotee swap.  My partner expressed an interest in gnomes.  Well… could I deny her?


Isn’t he cute?  And sooooo happy!


Days 170-180: 6 months of blogging!!!!!!!!

5 Jul

Granted, I haven’t posted in a week and a half, but still…….day 180?!!!  That’s insane!  Who woulda thought that I could stick with this for a full 6 months?!  I think I deserve a big pat on the back for this one!

Anywho, Scott and I had a fabulous time on vacation.  We went to Salem, Massachusetts for our anniversary, stayed in a phenomenal b&b (it was literally haunted), and thoroughly enjoyed our “us time.”  This was my first time to Salem in…oh..20 years or so, and it’s definitely a quirky little city.  I mean really…..who’s idea was it to center tourism around such a morbid and disturbing event as the Salem Witch Trials?!  Do I really need to see life size recreations of people being hanged and pressed to death??????  And there were kids on these tours!  It’s the stuff of nightmares!


All that aside, I did do some giggling.  We didn’t spend the entire trip inside of creepy witch museums afterall!

We also went to Salem Willows, a pretty little beach and arcade area on the edge of town.

We were there around low tide, and the sandbars were incredible.  I could almost walk out far enough to touch the anchored sailboats!  Prime location for some giggly goodness!


I made this giggle way out on one of those sandbars using flipped over mussel shells.  The tide was coming in at this point, so Scott and I had to work fast to build this happy guy.  I love making silly faces for others to find.

Sometimes they find me!

This was the uber fabulous clam chowder (or “chowda” as they say in Massachusetts) at the Lobster Shanty.  There I was enjoying my soup when lo and behold….it giggled at me!  Thankfully, I had a camera on me!

I made a few more giggles in and around Salem, but I have yet to develop the film (who uses film anymore anyway??!!!!)  I didn’t want to get my new camera all yucky while paddling.  The last giggle of the day is something unexpected from two Jews in the middle of July.








Merry Christmas!

Days 162 and 163: Fun with Photos!

18 Jun

I ❤ my new camera.  It has so many fun little features.  It makes taking really good pictures so easy.  And the zoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FABULOUS!!!!!

So here it is…my new toy!

Nikon Coolpix L120

It’s so purdy!  Much better than  my 6 year old dinosaur Kodak.  Isn’t it amazing how fast technology becomes obsolete?  Anyway…so I spent the past 2 days taking ever kind of picture I could.  Below is the best of the best.


THE 1st pic ever taken on my new camera! (okay Scott took this one..but still!)

Who's my little furry boy?!


Lucky people enjoying Oyster Bay Harbor....Have I mentioned that I want a boat?


We actually tried to take our kayak out, but had some technical difficulties. These people obviously didn't...


I enjoyed the beach anyway!


Days 155 – 158: Of blogs and other things

13 Jun

Blogging is a funny thing.  It’s a lot like keeping a diary, except everyone in the world has the key.  I pour my heart and soul into these pages and give others a glimpse into my quirky little life.  I like having a venue to make my thoughts and beliefs heard.  However, unlike a real diary, I have to be careful with what I post.

Everyone these days is internet crazy.  Between Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and all the other social media out there, words can circulate like wildfire.  All it takes is one picture, one joke, one misstep and your peace can be destroyed.  Take this whole Anthony Weiner thing, for instance…  So the guy sends some nudie pics to women he met online…this is nothing new.  People do this all the time.  They have cyber relationships and sexting and all that fun stuff.  Being a politician doesn’t make it any more wrong than if he was Joe Shmo the office clerk, but it does mean that he’s got more to lose.  And that he’s being watched more closely.  He got caught, and now he’s royally screwed.  His life and career will never be the same, all because he snapped a picture of his junk and put it on the internet.  Serious lack of judgement…

You don’t have to be high profile to have this happen to you either.  I read somewhere that infidelity is on the rise as a result of social media sites.  People think that the computer screen offers them privacy.  They can do things through the screen that they wouldn’t normally do.  However, Big Brother is always watching…

Let’s take my blog for instance…I’ve shared my life and views with you all for over 5 months now.  In that time, I’ve posted about politics, religion, society, relationships, culture, etc. in addition to the art and laughter that is this blog’s focus.  I’ve touched on controversial issues, and I’ve tried really really hard to not dig my own grave.  I won’t lie…I seriously censor my posts.  Each of my more serious entries has gone through several revisions before I deem it safe enough to publish.  It sucks, but it must be done.

I wrote a very long and very eloquent blog post earlier.  I read and reread it, each time coming to the same conclusion…It’s un-postable.  It really sucks, but what can I do.  As passionate as I feel about some issues, it’s best I keep them to myself.

That being said, on to the giggles!

Friday, I made an awesome dinner.  It inspired this giggle…


This was a modified Rachel Ray recipe for pineapple hominy stuffed avocados.  I used mango and shrimp instead of the pineapple.  It was deeelicious!

The next giggle is a headband I created.


I don’t know what it is about these headbands that I enjoy so much.  I love them!  This will look fabulous with my grey skirt…

The piece de resistance of today’s list of giggles is my new handbag!  A while ago, I posted about my experiments with woodburning.  Did it ever pay off?!

Ta da!

This is my wine box purse!  She’s burned into the front of the box and painted in watercolors.  I glued pearls around the edge and on the face of the box to add a little sparkle.

and the back

I used an embossed paper and ribbon to cover the back and sides of the box.

and the inside

I lined the inside of the box with shell pink paper and fabric and put a little pocket in for lipstick and goodies.  I’m very proud of my new bag!!!!!

Last, but not least, is today’s giggle.  It needs no explanation…


Day 154: Hendrix I’m not…

9 Jun

Don’t you just love when things just fall into place?  That’s what happened with today’s giggle.  I came home, turned on the computer, and giggly goodness smacked me right in the face!

Check out today’s Google…In tribute to Les Paul, Google’s homepage features an interactive guitar.  I fiddled around with it for a while and came up with the following little ditty.








Days 152 and 153: Dotee dolls!

8 Jun

I have another swap coming due this week, and it’s time I get crackin’ on my item.  This swap was for a mother themed dotee doll.

What is a dotee doll, you ask?

Well, to be honest…I don’t really know.  They’re all over swap-bot, but all the links to their origin are dead.  From the internet, I’ve put together the following definition:

Dotee doll: a small hand-sewn cloth doll with a sack-shaped body and appliqued face.  Dotees are supposed to be therapeutic to make, be kinda crazy looking, and are meant to be traded or given as gifts.

Yesterday, I tried out this odd little art form for the very first time.


So this is my first dotee.  I actually didn’t like the way she was coming out, so I didn’t finish her.  The baby comes out of the apron pocket.  The whole thing is poorly done and rather ugly….so I scrapped it and tried again today.


My swap partner has 2 kids and likes country music.  I gave this dotee a pair of cowboy boots and 2 little babies to hug to her chest.  These things are so crazy…I hope she likes it!

Days 141 and 142: Animalistic tendencies?

29 May

I didn’t giggle yesterday.  😦  I was a bit upset and just couldn’t focus on blogging.  However, I more than made up for it today!

I took Scottie-boy into Manhattan today for a culture filled birthday extravaganza.  Honestly, as much as I b!tch and complain about living in NY, there really is no place like it.  There’s just so much going on all the time.  Sights, smells, sounds… can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.  Still, you just can’t beat NYC for culture.

Hubby’s birthday present this year was dinner and a show.  I got an awesome deal on StubHub for Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.  Weird name, I know…but it was truly incredible.  I’ve never seen a play like this before.  I just can’t stop thinking about it.  It didn’t hurt that the title role was played by Robin Williams either…


The show isn’t the only part of my day that left an impression.  We had THE most amazing dinner before going to the theatre.  Scott is a taco freak.  He always begs me to cook, bring in, and/or go out to Mexican food.  I, on the other hand, can pretty much take it or leave it….more often than not, I leave it.  This time, I gave in.  I made reservations at a place called Toloache in the theatre district, and it turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

It was gosh darn pretty too!

Everything on Toloache’s menu sounded delicious.  Instead of ordering entrees, Scott and I decided to order a bunch of small plates and have “Mexican tapas!”  I’m not going to go into detail about each and every selection (I’m not a food critic after all!), but there is one item that I absolutely have to share.  Today’s giggle: chapulines tacos!!!!!!!!!

What are chapulines, you ask?  They are toasted grasshoppers!!!!!!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah……I know I’m a bit more adventurous than most, but this was still a stretch for me.  I mean…..they’re freakin’ bugs, for goodness sake!  Creepy, crawly, scary little bugs!!!!  I don’t eat bugs….that’s something my cats do.  However, someone apparently thought that these critters were worth putting on a NYC restaurant menu, so…..I had to try them.

Here they are in taco form.  The tacos has lettuce, onions, chiles, and guacamole in addition to the grasshoppers.  Honestly, they looked innocent enough at first glance.  The chapulines looked more like walnuts than grasshoppers, which is funny, because they had a definite nutty flavor accented by chile and lime.  The texture was a bit unusual…..very crunchy like eating shrimp tails.  All in all, I have to say that they were pretty tasty!  Thumbs up for grasshoppers!!!!! (and for the tuna watermelon ceviche in the background of that picture….seriously delicious!)

So, what do you think about eating bugs?  Would you try them for a meal?  Would you eat them with an eel?  Would you, could you in a taco?  Or do you think it’s really wacko?

Dr Seuss I’m not…


Day 114: MAY DAY MAY DAY….no really, it’s May Day!

1 May

Another gorgeous spring day out here on Long Island.  Everything’s in bloom, and you can almost hear the sounds of summer carried in on the wind.  It’s also May 1st, or May Day!

What is May Day, you ask?  According to wikipedia, May Day is a combination of several ancient holidays that all seem to be about rebirth, renewal, fertility, love, and sex.  May Day falls during the druid festival of Beltane, the Roman festival of Flora, and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night. It’s main purpose is to celebrate the coming of summer and give hope for a fertile season.  In Britain, it’s been traditional for towns to erect a maypole (yes, I said “erect”), which is essentially a giant phallus in the center of town.  Young men and women would then dance around the maypole, weaving colored ribbons down its length and meeting in the middle.  Because, what better way to meet your future mate than to dance together around a giant stick?

I don’t know how many couples actually got together at a maypole dance, but today, Scott and I did!!!

look at all the pretty ribbons!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory.  No, we did not erect a maypole in our yard…There was a May Day festival at Benner’s Farm out in Setauket!  Scott grew up around there, but neither of us had ever been to the farm.  It was fabulous!!!  They had a fiddler playing fun music while we all danced around the pole.  It created such a pretty braid…

say "May Day!"

Unfortunately, the ribbons got a little twisted from all the little ones pulling on them, so we couldn’t do the entire pole.  I still think it came out pretty.

Not only did the farm have a maypole dance, but they also had arts and crafts vendors, food, and BABY ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’ve decided that I want to raise sheep.  Yes, you heard that right folks, this Jewish American Princess wants to be a shepherdess!  I just can’t get over how darn cute these little guys are!  Besides, it’s always been my dream to get closer to nature… It’s not like I’d raise them for meat, though.  I don’t think I could handle killing something, especially something this cute.  I’d want milk and wool sheep.  And I’d make fun stuff from the wool and sell sheep cheese at a farm stand and be simple and happy.  Yup, that’s my goal.

I'd also have a duck pond...

with lots of ducks!

And a rabbit hutch full of fluffy little angora bunnies!!!!!

I soooo wanted to take this bunny home.  She was for sale, but where would I keep a rabbit in such a small place????  Especially with all my crap…

Speaking of which, I did actually craft something today besides the maypole.  I joined another swap, this one for a little piece of random pretty called a button fairy!

with butterfly wings

I hope my partner likes it!

Days 104 and 105: What do eggs have to do with Jesus?????

22 Apr

I didn’t post yesterday.  I’d like to say that I had a good reason for not posting, but I don’t.  Truth is, I was feeling sorry for myself.  I had a night where I dwellt in self pity.  Yes, this is almost my 30th year and I’m not where I’d planned on being.  Yes, my financial status isn’t as established as I’d planned.  Yes, I’m living in a 2 room apartment crammed full of crap instead of the spacious house I’d envisioned.  But the fact of the matter is that I’m alive.

I found out earlier today that a good friend of mine passed away.  Mary was a vibrant woman, full of life and fiery spirit.  She was funny as hell and really knew how to get the most out of life.  Little did I know how sick she really was.  I’m told that she passed on without any pain or suffering, but honestly, that’s little comfort.  I’m having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that she’s gone.  As Billy Joel said, “Only the good die young.”

Today has been rough for me.  I keep picturing Mary as she was, full of life.  I needed a distraction from my grief, lest I fall back into the dark oblivion of days gone by.  My answer?  Egg dying.

I had my friends Kim and Greg over for dinner tonight.  I needed the company and distraction from my thoughts.  We made a fabulous dinner of ham and leek shepherd’s pie using the remains of my Porkover feast.  After dinner, we happily dyed Easter eggs!!!

No, I don’t celebrate Easter.  Yes, I dye eggs.  It’s a little known fact that egg dying dates back at least 500 years before the birth of Christ (wiki).  Ancient pagan religions decorated eggs as part of a spring equinox celebration, celebrating life and rebirth much the same way today’s Easter eggs symbolize the resurrection of Christ.  It is this springtime rebirth that I celebrate with brightly colored eggs.

Here are our eggs.  We used a combination of crayon and stickers to make the lines and patterns.

Greg wrote his favorite word on his egg…

I think Freud would have some interesting comment on that…

Even the cats were into the egg dying business.

finger lickin good!