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Days 155 – 158: Of blogs and other things

13 Jun

Blogging is a funny thing.  It’s a lot like keeping a diary, except everyone in the world has the key.  I pour my heart and soul into these pages and give others a glimpse into my quirky little life.  I like having a venue to make my thoughts and beliefs heard.  However, unlike a real diary, I have to be careful with what I post.

Everyone these days is internet crazy.  Between Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and all the other social media out there, words can circulate like wildfire.  All it takes is one picture, one joke, one misstep and your peace can be destroyed.  Take this whole Anthony Weiner thing, for instance…  So the guy sends some nudie pics to women he met online…this is nothing new.  People do this all the time.  They have cyber relationships and sexting and all that fun stuff.  Being a politician doesn’t make it any more wrong than if he was Joe Shmo the office clerk, but it does mean that he’s got more to lose.  And that he’s being watched more closely.  He got caught, and now he’s royally screwed.  His life and career will never be the same, all because he snapped a picture of his junk and put it on the internet.  Serious lack of judgement…

You don’t have to be high profile to have this happen to you either.  I read somewhere that infidelity is on the rise as a result of social media sites.  People think that the computer screen offers them privacy.  They can do things through the screen that they wouldn’t normally do.  However, Big Brother is always watching…

Let’s take my blog for instance…I’ve shared my life and views with you all for over 5 months now.  In that time, I’ve posted about politics, religion, society, relationships, culture, etc. in addition to the art and laughter that is this blog’s focus.  I’ve touched on controversial issues, and I’ve tried really really hard to not dig my own grave.  I won’t lie…I seriously censor my posts.  Each of my more serious entries has gone through several revisions before I deem it safe enough to publish.  It sucks, but it must be done.

I wrote a very long and very eloquent blog post earlier.  I read and reread it, each time coming to the same conclusion…It’s un-postable.  It really sucks, but what can I do.  As passionate as I feel about some issues, it’s best I keep them to myself.

That being said, on to the giggles!

Friday, I made an awesome dinner.  It inspired this giggle…


This was a modified Rachel Ray recipe for pineapple hominy stuffed avocados.  I used mango and shrimp instead of the pineapple.  It was deeelicious!

The next giggle is a headband I created.


I don’t know what it is about these headbands that I enjoy so much.  I love them!  This will look fabulous with my grey skirt…

The piece de resistance of today’s list of giggles is my new handbag!  A while ago, I posted about my experiments with woodburning.  Did it ever pay off?!

Ta da!

This is my wine box purse!  She’s burned into the front of the box and painted in watercolors.  I glued pearls around the edge and on the face of the box to add a little sparkle.

and the back

I used an embossed paper and ribbon to cover the back and sides of the box.

and the inside

I lined the inside of the box with shell pink paper and fabric and put a little pocket in for lipstick and goodies.  I’m very proud of my new bag!!!!!

Last, but not least, is today’s giggle.  It needs no explanation…



Day 143: Just chillin’

29 May

I got home so late last night.  Today was a day to relax and recoup.  Scott and I had a nice leisurely morning, followed by grillin’ and chillin’ at the park.  What a great start to summer!

I finally finished that mermaid I started last weekend.  I collaged up a background and took some pictures.  Let’s take a look!

She's chillin' too!

This is my largest painting/collage yet in this series.  She’s 11×14.  I really like how the pink in the background relates to the pinky tones in her tail and hair.

coral reef anyone?

I’ll definitely be adding more vegetation into my mermaids from now on.  I love how it creates an environment around her.  I’d considered adding a sea floor into this one, but I decided against it.  I don’t want her grounded like that.  Mermaids need to be floaty and free.

I think I'll call her Freckleface Strawberry!

Day 131: Turned upside-down and drama free

18 May

I wonder who coined the phrase “upside down”….It couldn’t have been someone too bright, I mean…what a dumb phrase!  Who refers to an objects top surface as its “upside” anyway???

Today was an average day in the life of me.  Nothing extraordinary to report.  Things have pretty much returned to normal, I guess.  I’ve been trying really hard to stay cool and centered.  I don’t know what’s gotten into people…or me for that matter…but everyone seems to have been a little crazy lately.  If I’d wanted drama, I’d have been an actress!

I finished yesterday’s mermaid painting and am pretty happy with the results.  She looks a tad different than you will remember…


The colors are a bit off cuz my scanner’s on the fritz.  She’s much richer in person.  Some of you may remember that I drew her upside-down, but she just wasn’t working for me.  I kept thinking that this beauty looked heavy curving downward…not heavy as in fat, but as in weighed down by something…like all the crap I’ve been dealing with.  Flipped over, she looks like she’s floating along without a care in the world.

I strive for this kind of emotional freedom every day.  I admire people who “go with the flow” and just let the destiny/fate/etc carry them through.  It would be so freeing to cast off all the nonsense and drama and just float along happy as a clam…or in this case, a mermaid.  Someday….

Day 128: Who’s the fairest in the land…er…sea?

16 May

So I finished yesterday’s mermaid painting.  She is by far my favorite!  Take a look!

I am the fairest of them all!

I had a lot of fun painting this one.  I pulled out the metallic silver paint and gave her some shimmer.

oooooh sparkly!

I’m really having fun with this series!

I hope you are too!!!!

Day 125: Her Royal Highness

12 May

Like almost every other woman out there, I have had a long standing dream of being a princess.  Growing up, I fantasized about the crowns and jewels and big pouffy dresses, not to mention living in the lap of luxury.  Who am I kidding?  That’s still my fantasy, with a few grown-up changes and additions of course.  I’ll admit it, I watched the royal wedding, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky Kate Middleton was…Granted, she’s not exactly Cinderella, but she still woke up one morning as royalty.  Sigh.

How is all this relevant?  Well…a student of mine came up to me today and said I looked like a princess!!  😀  It was so utterly random, but the comment made my day.  I guess it was in reference to the long skirt and white beaded flats aka “glass slippers” I was wearing.  It was kinda weird, but in a sweet complimentary way.  Gotta love kids…er…10th grade boys!

Because of this comment, I was on a princess kick all day.  Let’s bring on the giggle!

She's even got a crown!

Yes dear readers, today’s giggle is a fairy princess!  I was working on a collage project with some students and got inspired.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m such a girly girl…

As per a friend’s facebook status during the wedding, I have come up with my very own royal name.  I dub myself HRH Lady Jocelyn Tommy Merillon!  It is now time for Her Royal Highness to go to bed…

Days 120 and 121: Mermaid Mama

9 May

It’s Mother’s Day…do you know where your mother is?  I do.  She’s at home probably sleeping.  I always thought Mother’s Day was a funny kind of holiday.  Why do people need a specific day of the year to celebrate their mom???  Granted, I’m not a mom celebrating type of person either, but really…Another holiday designed by Hallmark and the jewelry companies!  Did you realize that you’re a terrible husband/child/grandchild/baby daddy if you didn’t buy Mom something sparkly and expensive?????!

Yeah…I just don’t buy into that consumer bulls#&t.  Still, everyone else does so……I bought my mom something fun instead of some sentimental “World’s Best Mom” diamond accent necklace or flower bouquet that’s marked up 200% just because of Mother’s Day.  I hope she likes it.

Today’s giggle is something I’ve been working on for a while now.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I present….Mermaid Mama!


She’s painted on glass just like this one with a collaged background.  Isn’t she sweet?

Day 114: MAY DAY MAY DAY….no really, it’s May Day!

1 May

Another gorgeous spring day out here on Long Island.  Everything’s in bloom, and you can almost hear the sounds of summer carried in on the wind.  It’s also May 1st, or May Day!

What is May Day, you ask?  According to wikipedia, May Day is a combination of several ancient holidays that all seem to be about rebirth, renewal, fertility, love, and sex.  May Day falls during the druid festival of Beltane, the Roman festival of Flora, and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night. It’s main purpose is to celebrate the coming of summer and give hope for a fertile season.  In Britain, it’s been traditional for towns to erect a maypole (yes, I said “erect”), which is essentially a giant phallus in the center of town.  Young men and women would then dance around the maypole, weaving colored ribbons down its length and meeting in the middle.  Because, what better way to meet your future mate than to dance together around a giant stick?

I don’t know how many couples actually got together at a maypole dance, but today, Scott and I did!!!

look at all the pretty ribbons!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory.  No, we did not erect a maypole in our yard…There was a May Day festival at Benner’s Farm out in Setauket!  Scott grew up around there, but neither of us had ever been to the farm.  It was fabulous!!!  They had a fiddler playing fun music while we all danced around the pole.  It created such a pretty braid…

say "May Day!"

Unfortunately, the ribbons got a little twisted from all the little ones pulling on them, so we couldn’t do the entire pole.  I still think it came out pretty.

Not only did the farm have a maypole dance, but they also had arts and crafts vendors, food, and BABY ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’ve decided that I want to raise sheep.  Yes, you heard that right folks, this Jewish American Princess wants to be a shepherdess!  I just can’t get over how darn cute these little guys are!  Besides, it’s always been my dream to get closer to nature… It’s not like I’d raise them for meat, though.  I don’t think I could handle killing something, especially something this cute.  I’d want milk and wool sheep.  And I’d make fun stuff from the wool and sell sheep cheese at a farm stand and be simple and happy.  Yup, that’s my goal.

I'd also have a duck pond...

with lots of ducks!

And a rabbit hutch full of fluffy little angora bunnies!!!!!

I soooo wanted to take this bunny home.  She was for sale, but where would I keep a rabbit in such a small place????  Especially with all my crap…

Speaking of which, I did actually craft something today besides the maypole.  I joined another swap, this one for a little piece of random pretty called a button fairy!

with butterfly wings

I hope my partner likes it!

Days 107 and 108: Hocus pocus gotta focus…

25 Apr

I came to a realization Saturday…I have a whole lot of trouble focusing.  I swear, my thoughts are so scattered sometimes, that I can’t make sense of them at all!  Same goes for my artwork.

While I love all the nifty crafty giggles I’ve done lately, I feel like my artwork is lacking direction.  I bounce around from project to project the same way I bounce from thought to thought.  It’s really annoying!  So….I decided to revisit an old idea and see where It can take me.

Remember my fat mermaids?  I did 2 drawings back to back in February exploring this idea.  Today’s post is actually a 2 day giggle.  I started it yesterday and finished it up today.  I didn’t want to post yesterday and ruin the surprise…

Baby got back!

Isn’t she lovely?  I call her “Jennifer,” because she’s got a J-Lo booty.  She’s 8″x10″ acrylic on glass with a collaged background.

Here she is framed.

I actually used a thrifted picture frame as the base.  I painted the mermaid on the glass in reverse, just like you’d paint a shop window.  Then I used assorted papers and string to make the background.  I’m really enjoying her luscious curves.

Hot damn!

By the way, did you know that a big ol’ badonkadonk is thought to help fight diabetes?  So says the NY Post.  Personally, I think it protects against diabetes the same way baldness gives you heart attacks… But that’s my cynical nature at work.

And this kinda of tabloid trash is why I keep declining a subscription to the Post!

Day 101: On display

18 Apr

Today was my first official day of spring break.  What did I do with my time off?  I made hair flowers, of course!

I mentioned in previous posts that my spring inventory is a bit low.  I sell my jewelry and hair flowers at my uncle’s shop out east, and people have been asking for springtime-y colors and designs.  I just gotta give the people what they want!

First up...poppy clips!

I made these little cuties out of felt and buttons.  My uncle’s shop is located in the same building as a pediatrician, so he gets a lot of moms and kids as customers.  They’re always asking for cute kid stuff.  I think these little guys are so bright and cheery.  Is it just me, or does the yellow one look kinda like an egg…?

flowers and sequins, a perfect pair!

Next on display is a felt flower baby band with silver ribbon and SEQUINS!!!!!  Won’t this look adorable on some little bald baby girl?  And all materials are firmly secured so no, it’s not a choking hazard.

black lace anyone?

These were not intended for children.  I love love love black lace.  There’s something incredibly sexy about it, especially when coupled with something as sweet and innocent as a hair clip.  I almost don’t want to sell these…

to hold it all

Lastly, I created this fabulous display to hold all the items for sale.  It was really easy and came out oh so pretty.  I removed the glass from a repurposed picture frame, covered the back in scrapbooking paper, and glued ribbon strips across it.  Simple!

Here it is all put together…


Hope they sell!

Day 88: Saying goodbye to a friend

5 Apr

I just got home.  I had a super busy day.  I made a gift for a friend who’s moving away.  Will post more tomorrow.



UPDATE  It’s tomorrow and time to show the goods.

So yesterday I made yet another bookmark, this time as a going away gift.  I hate saying goodbye to people, even people I hardly know.  It all comes back down to that “kindred spirit” thing again.  But anyway, I made Alicia a bookmark to commemorate the occasion.  Since our conversations have mainly revolved around books, it seemed a fitting gift.

I put all my mad scrapbooking skills into this baby!  I really hope she likes it.