Heaven is…

11 Dec

Scott and I had an interesting conversation this weekend.  You see…I love the Christmas season.  I mean, I really freakin’ love it.  I love the lights and the music and the smell of pine needles and the goodwill towards men, etc. etc.  It’s a near perfect holiday.

So there we were on Saturday evening running some errands.  I’d had a miserable day and desperately needed something to lift the gloom.  What better way to break through the darkness than a Christmas Light Show?!!!  Girl Scouts of Suffolk County to the rescue!

We waited in line FOREVER, but finally got to see some lights.

yay Snoopy!

After the lights, there’s a place to stop for cocoa and pictures with Santa….which got us talking about the whole Santa Claus thing.  What ever will we do with the little one as far as Santa goes?   How does one answer when a child asks why Santa visits all her friends but fails to come to her house?  “Sorry honey, but Santa only visits goyim.”??????

And what about that?  What about the whole “Jew” thing?  Scott and I were both raised Jewish by tradition, but faith never really factored into anything.  This seems to be pretty common in this day and age, but where does it leave us with raising a family?  Do we raise the kid as we were raised, blindly following traditions without any belief or meaning?  Or do we teach our offspring to consider all possibilities and think for herself, even though that may lead to an abandonment of tradition?  Is it better to be a sheep or a nomad, searching all possible avenues to God?  What about life and death?  What about heaven or the lack thereof?  If I can’t answer these spiritual questions myself, how can I possible explain them to my child?  Deep thoughts…

So I did what I normally do when faced with a deep spiritual question…I consulted my cats.  Penny answered me simply.

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