Day 144: Burn Baby Burn

30 May

Ain’t no party like a disco party cuz a disco party don’t stop!

Burn baby burn!  Disco inferno!

Well….more like an artwork inferno.  I spent today exploring my pryomaniacal tendencies (???).  Basically, I burned stuff.  😀  I didn’t just go around lighting random sh$t on fire.  I actually had a plan.  Today I learned the fine art of woodburning!

So what is woodburning?  When I told Scott what I was up to today, he pictured a pot bellied stove in the middle of our apartment…not quite what I had in mind.  Woodburning is an art technique where instead of drawing on wood with pencil, you use an extremely hot tool to burn a design into the wood itself.  People have been doing this for years, usually depicting furry little animals right before or after being shot.  It’s one of those rare “manly arts” like whittling and taxidermy.  Master woodburning artists make incredibly detailed pictures that kinda blow my mind.

African Grey Pet Portrait Pyrography by Jeffrey Carnal

That’s freakin’ burned into the wood!!!!  I can’t get over the detail and shading!  Anywho…as amazing as this art form might be, it’s not really my style or speed.  Why’d I tackle such a process then?…for a very special project.

When I was in the City the other day, I came across these funky little purses made from old hardcover books.  Again, not my cup of tea, but I was inspired.  I’ve been hanging onto this wooden box that came as part of a wine gift set for several months now, and I’ve finally decided what to do with it.  I’m going to make a wine box purse!!!!!

I kicked around several ideas for creating this box purse.  Maybe paint?  Pastel?  Decoupage?  Quilted?  Nothing really clicked until I came across this photo on Google.

Steampunk Squid Purse Cigar Box Style Wooden By RiverOtterWidget

Amazing!  Incredible!  Fun, funky, and classy all rolled into one!  This was done using a woodburning tool.  I just had to try it.  No squids for me though….I’ve got mermaids!

It’s a mermaid coaster!  This is my first ever pyrography (doncha just love that term?!).  I did all the line work and shading with heat tool and added the color with watercolor paints.  It was a definite learning experience…those pearls were the hardest part!!!  The tool just isn’t made for round things.

Kisses from the sea!







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