Day 143: Just chillin’

29 May

I got home so late last night.  Today was a day to relax and recoup.  Scott and I had a nice leisurely morning, followed by grillin’ and chillin’ at the park.  What a great start to summer!

I finally finished that mermaid I started last weekend.  I collaged up a background and took some pictures.  Let’s take a look!

She's chillin' too!

This is my largest painting/collage yet in this series.  She’s 11×14.  I really like how the pink in the background relates to the pinky tones in her tail and hair.

coral reef anyone?

I’ll definitely be adding more vegetation into my mermaids from now on.  I love how it creates an environment around her.  I’d considered adding a sea floor into this one, but I decided against it.  I don’t want her grounded like that.  Mermaids need to be floaty and free.

I think I'll call her Freckleface Strawberry!


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