Day 140: Garden of Eatin’

26 May

Today I tackled one of my 29 before 30 goals.  I began my indoor garden.  A few weeks back, I bought a strawberry grow kit.  It came with seeds, soil, and a cute little strawberry pot.  Unfortunately, I dropped the shopping bag on the way into the house and smashed the contents to smithereens.  😦

My parents are back from their little trip and lo and behold…what did they bring me?  Another grow kit!  This one isn’t strawberries, though.  It’s better.  Today I planted an indoor herb garden!

Here’s my little beauty.  I planted basil, parsley, and cilantro.  We go through an amazing amount of cilantro in my household.  Scott’s in love with it.  It’ll be far better and cheaper to grow my own.  Besides, nothing smells better than fresh herbs!  I hope they grow!


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