Days 126 and 127: Da da da

15 May

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’ve just had no energy or motivation.  Of course this means I’m backposting again…

Remember my button fairy?  Well, it’s time to start swapping, so I put together the mailing for my partner.

Look at all those goodies!

My partner is a paper crafter, so I sent along some scrapbooking ephemera with the button fairy.


I also sent glitter, candy, and a handwritten letter.  Did I mention just how much I enjoy actually WRITING letters?!  Like with a pen and paper!  It’s such a lost art.  I bought this gorgeous Japanese washi paper with little flecks of fiber in it and pretty flowers printed on it.  I’m determined to revive this dying art!

The second giggle I’m posting is another curvy mermaid.  I drew her a while ago, but finally got around to putting her on glass.  So far, she’s just a black outline.  I’ll post color later.


Oh la la!

She’s definitely my favorite so far.  I love the angles and curves.  Unfortunately, glass doesn’t photograph so well…

Proof that big girls can be sexy!


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