Day 125: Her Royal Highness

12 May

Like almost every other woman out there, I have had a long standing dream of being a princess.  Growing up, I fantasized about the crowns and jewels and big pouffy dresses, not to mention living in the lap of luxury.  Who am I kidding?  That’s still my fantasy, with a few grown-up changes and additions of course.  I’ll admit it, I watched the royal wedding, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky Kate Middleton was…Granted, she’s not exactly Cinderella, but she still woke up one morning as royalty.  Sigh.

How is all this relevant?  Well…a student of mine came up to me today and said I looked like a princess!!  😀  It was so utterly random, but the comment made my day.  I guess it was in reference to the long skirt and white beaded flats aka “glass slippers” I was wearing.  It was kinda weird, but in a sweet complimentary way.  Gotta love kids…er…10th grade boys!

Because of this comment, I was on a princess kick all day.  Let’s bring on the giggle!

She's even got a crown!

Yes dear readers, today’s giggle is a fairy princess!  I was working on a collage project with some students and got inspired.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m such a girly girl…

As per a friend’s facebook status during the wedding, I have come up with my very own royal name.  I dub myself HRH Lady Jocelyn Tommy Merillon!  It is now time for Her Royal Highness to go to bed…


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