Day 124: A Gaggle of Giggles

12 May

Backposting again…I passed out when I got home last night.  Too much excitement does that to me.

I spent today out in the sunshine.  I went “fishing” at a pond, had a delicious picnic on the beach, and then took a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge.  All this happened while I should have been teaching….but, no, I didn’t play hookie.  I chaperoned a field trip to Caumsett State Park!

If you’re not familiar, Caumsett is a park and nature preserve up on the North Shore of Long Island.  It used to belong to some crazy rich family who built it as their summer estate.  It’s kinda sick to think about someone owning a few hundred acres on Long Island Sound only to live there 3 months out of the year…but whatever.  I enjoyed my day anyway.

And I took lots of pictures!!!!!

Here is a stream that connects to the heart shaped pond.

and some cute little duckies

The ospreys were hovering close to their nest

as were the crazy cliff dwelling swallows

The crashing waves were sooooo soothing...

In the words of one of my students, "This was the most relaxing field trip ever!"


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