Days 120 and 121: Mermaid Mama

9 May

It’s Mother’s Day…do you know where your mother is?  I do.  She’s at home probably sleeping.  I always thought Mother’s Day was a funny kind of holiday.  Why do people need a specific day of the year to celebrate their mom???  Granted, I’m not a mom celebrating type of person either, but really…Another holiday designed by Hallmark and the jewelry companies!  Did you realize that you’re a terrible husband/child/grandchild/baby daddy if you didn’t buy Mom something sparkly and expensive?????!

Yeah…I just don’t buy into that consumer bulls#&t.  Still, everyone else does so……I bought my mom something fun instead of some sentimental “World’s Best Mom” diamond accent necklace or flower bouquet that’s marked up 200% just because of Mother’s Day.  I hope she likes it.

Today’s giggle is something I’ve been working on for a while now.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I present….Mermaid Mama!


She’s painted on glass just like this one with a collaged background.  Isn’t she sweet?


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