Day 122: Meditation Mandala

9 May

Another rotten day in Marissa-land.  If ever I needed a little Zen, today was the day.  I decided to take a few “me minutes” and try to relax.  Unfortunately, I left my Pocket Zen in another pocket so…..I had to improvise.  I dimmed the lights, put on some Bob Marley, and made a meditation mandala.

If only the Dalai Lama could see me now!

So there I was groovin’ to Redemption Song and trying to ease my frustrations with a little colored pencil action.  It’s so funny how soothing coloring can be.  I have students ask me all the time if I have anything they can color when they’re upset or bored in study hall.  It really is relaxing.  As for Bob, well……..he never fails to put a smile on my face.  🙂

Not to mention that my mandala closely resembles the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, complete with giant gaping maw…


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