Days 118 and 119: Lovin’ the plushies!

7 May

Back-posting again.  A school function prevented me from posting Thursday, and yesterday I felt like poop.  Just because I didn’t post doesn’t mean I didn’t make anything!

I’ve been focusing on those fat mermaids lately, and thought….why must they be 2D?  I’d love to make a fat mermaid sculpture!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary materials, time, space, or energy to go all out with clay.  Instead, I made a little mermaid dolly!

She’s the same style as my sugar plum fairy from so long ago.  She’s all done by hand (still no sewing machine!) and has crimped green yarn for her hair.  Even though I doubled the girth on the base pattern, she still didn’t turn out fat.  I really think I need a different material to get the look I want.  Still, she’s be-u-ti-ful!

Ooh La La!


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