Day 99: The mafia makes wine????

16 Apr

I’m not a wine snob by any means, but I enjoy a good glass every now and again.  Scott and I will drive pretty far to find a wine store with a good selection and helpful staff.  Lucky for us, today was the grand opening of a Stew Leonard’s Wine Store right near our house!!!

I don’t normally do the grand opening thing.  There’s just too many people and crazy lines and loudness and stuff.  I hate that…but Scott wanted to go for a very special reason.  Steve Schirripa from the Sopranos was there signing autographs and promoting the Sopranos wines!  Granted, I don’t really give a poop about the Sopranos, but I thoroughly enjoy meeting celebrities, especially when there’s wine tasting involved.  I have to say…the Sopranos wines are pretty tasty.  We ended up buying a delicious bottle of Prosecco and another of Pinot Grigio.  Not only did “Bobby Bacala” sign my wine, but he took a picture with us too!!!!!

say vino!

So there’s today’s giggle.  I didn’t “make” it per se….but I did make several purchases, so I think it counts!  Cheers!


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