Day 97: Defining “Kawaii”

14 Apr

Have you heard the term “kawaii?”  I hadn’t until recently when I started all this mail swapping business.  There’s a whole section on swap-bot for kawaii.  People throw this word around like I’m supposed to know what it means….Well, now I do!

Kawaii is the Japanese culture of cuteness.  I finally have a name for my enjoyment of adorable animals, cartoons, and cute fashion accessories!  It’s all beginning to make sense now…

Today’s giggle is a little bit of kawaii that will also be tomorrow’s breakfast!

yay for pig bread!!!

The piggy on the left is stuffed with cinnamon and peaches and topped with cinnamon sugar.  The one on the right is stuffed with ham and cheese and topped with rosemary.  I got the idea here but used my own quick bread recipe (didn’t have any yeast  😦  )  Not only are they freakin’ adorable, but they taste pretty good too!  Yeast is now on my shopping list.



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