Day 93: Floral Design 101

10 Apr

I’ve previously mentioned my goal of becoming a crazy cat lady.  What I didn’t mention is what my crazy old self dreams of doing for a living.  I know it’s pretty stereotypical, but I secretly harbor dreams of becoming a florist after retirement.  I love love love flowers.  I love the bright colors.  I love the sweet fragrance.  Flowers are definitely one of those things that can always make me happy.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t arrange flowers for sh%t.  I try, I really do, but I can’t ever manage to make them look good.  They’re always too long or too short, too floppy or not floppy enough.  It’s such a nightmare.  Basically, I usually take them out of the plastic and plunk them down in a vase like this:


I know, I know…..It doesn’t look that bad.  But it doesn’t look that good either…. Today, I brought home a bunch of tulips from the market and did my best to arrange them in a pleasing and less haphazard way.  Take a look!


There’s my crystal vase and liquid soil again.  I think they look very pretty…much better than if I’d just plunked them in there.

oooooooooh aaaaaaaah

Go me!


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