Day 91: A bowl full of sugar makes the day brighter!

8 Apr

It’s been a long time since I went to a ladies night.  I used to go back in the day, but being married and all…I just want a quiet night with the hubby.  Tonight was different.  I got myself all dolled up and met the girls in town for an evening of drinking, talking, and…painting pottery!!!  Yes, I said pottery.  It was ladies night at the local pottery studio.

Let me clear something up.  This isn’t Demi and Patrick in Ghost kinda pottery.  There’s no wet clay involved.  There’s really no mess at all.  Everything is already bisque fired and waiting to be glazed.  Think of it as plastercraft for adults.  After picking out our chosen vase, bowl, what have you, we sat down at a table with our wine and snacks and glazed the pottery.  It was pretty amazing.  It totally brought back my ceramics painting party days…I chose to spiffy up an adorable little sugar bowl with lid in a stained glass style.  I did take pictures, but they’re on my friend’s camera, and I haven’t gotten them yet.  Don’t worry though, I’ll update with before and after shots ASAP.

Have a great one!


I finally got those pics I took.  Here’s what it looked like before firing.



I got the call today (4/18) that the bowl is ready for pick-up.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  I’ll post pics when I get it.  🙂


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