3 Apr

I ❤ springtime.  I ❤ it lots.  I love feeling the warm sun on my face and hearing the birds chirping around me.  I really just love being outdoors after such a long winter kept inside.  Today was particularly beautiful out, so Scott and I decided to do some outdoor wandering.

Around this time last year, hubby dearest and I stumbled upon one of the many hidden gems on this miserable island of mine.  Between the barrier beaches and the canals that shape the south shore of Long Island is a long stretch of marshland.  Or at least is would have been a long stretch if people hadn’t built houses, shopping plazas, golf courses, etc.  Anyway, in the middle of all this suburban chaos lies a beautiful piece of preserved marsh known as the Marine Nature Study Area.  There is a long boardwalk that takes you through the marsh where you can see all different kinds of wildlife.  They have nesting ospreys you can watch through an “osprey cam” and herons and plovers and all kinds of critters whose names I don’t know.  It’s really an amazing place if you enjoy that sort of thing.  I, of course, do.

So down to the marsh we went on this bright sunny day.

The blowing grass and bird calls made a beautiful music.

The water was teeming with life.

What's the difference between an egret and a heron anyway?

Little did we know that it’s mating season for our friends from the north, the Canadian geese.

This little guy is watching out for his girlfriend in the grass.


Needless to say, he DID NOT LIKE being disturbed.

I see you....

Whenever we tried to walk past, he started freaking out…running and hissing and stuff.


This sucker meant business!


We managed to get past him alright, but seriously folks…..If you are near any nesting areas this springtime, BEWARE THE GEESE!

I will leave you with one last picture of the Marine Nature Study Area.  The following picture definitely made me smile…

Can you find the hidden Mickey?


2 Responses to “Day 86: BEWARE THE GEESE!!!!”

  1. Kim April 4, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Beautiful photos! Hehe, Aflac! In the last picture, are those cactuses or something?

    • mydailygiggle April 4, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

      Yes…believe it or not, there are cacti growing on the beach…and they’re shaped like Mickey Mouse!

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