Day 75: A love affair with cows

23 Mar

I still can’t figure out how to post the song I made yesterday.  It was a nifty little ditty with a folky country sound.  Too bad I can’t share it.  What I can share is the software that made it. is probably one of the coolest websites I’ve come across.  I don’t know enough about the mechanics of music to make anything really good, but I thoroughly enjoyed messing around with the program for a while.  Give it a go, and let me know what you think.

Today’s giggle is another internet find (can you tell that I’m short on time this week?).  I think I’ve previously alluded to my love affair with cows.  I collect cow themed items as seen here. I even had kissing cows as my wedding cake topper!  It wasn’t always this way.  There was a time when cows terrified me.  I’m talking about the screaming and crying child kind of scared.  I think it had to do with their size and vacant expression.  As a child, my family spent a lot of time in Amish country, and the cows just freaked me out.  My family liked to poke fun at this irrational fear and buy me all kinds of cow paraphernalia. And so, the collection began.

When I came across, I was less than impressed with their selection of  fun photo options…that is, until I came across these cows…

Odd isn’t it?  I don’t quite get the point behind the image.  Is it supposed to be funny?  I don’t know, but I’m amused by cows saying they love me!!!


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