Day 72: It’s like a walk in the park

20 Mar

It was another beautiful day here on Long Island.  Scott and I decided to celebrate the weather by going for a nice hike.  We have our favorite trails and such, but today we decided to see where the road took us.  As it happened, we ended up at some tiny preserve in Northport.  Guess what?  I actually took my camera with me this time!!!  Today’s giggle is a series of pictures taken during our hike.  Enjoy!

We took the road less traveled.

and came across a tree with a bellybutton?

and some of Nature's people least I didn't break an ankle!

and whatever that is...

sooooooo blue


It’s amazing what a little fresh air and silence can do.  Granted, at the bottom of this ravine was a main road…but if I closed my eyes and tried real hard, I could almost imagine the whoosh of passing cars to be a rushing stream.  It’s just so hard to get back to nature in this suburban jungle!

Where are your favorite places to hike?


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