Day 67: Rainbow Pride

15 Mar

Every year, my school participates in a homeroom competition where each homeroom is assigned a color.  The contest is to see which homeroom will best represent that color in their attire.  The kids and teachers really get into it and have a great time.  They come up with all kinds of wild costumes (orange hula skirts anyone?).  It’s such a fun day.  The best part is that all the money the kids pay to participate goes to charity.  The worst part is that I don’t have a homeroom.  😦

I’m certainly not implying that I want a homeroom.  I’m just sad because…well…what color do I wear?  I try so hard not to play favorites, but what can I do?  If I can’t pick just one color…..well, I’ll just have to wear them all!!!  My outfit consisted of a white shirt, grey pants, blue shoes, purple scarf, and many rainbow accessories…one of which I made Tuesday and is the subject of this post.

Behold the rainbow headband!

I found this great rainbow ribbon and AC Moore and had to pick it up.  It’s so cheery and peppy….like something a 5 year old would wear!

NOT 5 years old!

This headband is over the top, even for me….but I got a days worth of giggles out of making and wearing it!


This fabulous rainbow headband can be yours for the price of 1 interesting comment on this post!  I’ll randomly select someone on March 31 to be the lucky recipient.  (make sure I have some way to contact you!)  Good luck!


2 Responses to “Day 67: Rainbow Pride”

  1. Scott Gingold March 16, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    Do I get the headband if I post pictures of myself wearing it?

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