Days 58 and 59: Up-cycled Bracelet and Baby Blossom Beanies

7 Mar

Yesterday was crazy.  The hubs and I had a million errands to do in the pouring rain, so when our friend Kim invited us over for dinner, we jumped at the chance.  Unfortunately, that means that I got home too late to do any thoughtful blogging.

Kim is a crafty person too, so we usually make something fun when we get together.  It’s so nice to be able to bounce ideas off of someone (and to have access to their bead and craft stash)!  I made this fabulous bracelet after dinner at Kim’s.


The only decent pic I got!

I used a vintage “gold” chain I got at the thrift store, black beads, and this great quartz bead that I’ve been dying to use for a while now.  I love it so much I wore it to work today!

Today’s giggle is a bit different.  I went to the fabric store after work to pick up some things and came across these adorable little baby beanies.  I almost bought them too until I realized that I’d already bought them!  I’ve been trying to build my inventory for the spring craft fair season and figured these would fit right in.


So unbelievably adorable!  They make me wish I had a little girl to wear them!

I picked up this awesome embroidered tulle at the fabric store on clearance.  I think it’s so sweet with the yellow hat.

I used a funky retro print for the flower on the pink beanie.  I really hope someone likes them.  I would if I were a mommy!


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