Day 57: Cat on a hot red leash!

5 Mar

My goal in life is to be the crazy cat lady.  Perfection is an old lady in a rocking chair with a lap full of kitties.  And grandchildren.  Maybe even a shotgun.  Yeah…I’m going to be one of those old ladies!

I’m well on my way to crazy cat lady land with my two precious furkids that I love and adore.  Penny and Desmo make me smile every single day.  I am so lucky to have two such amazing animals living in my home.  It is with the best of intentions that I spoil them rotten.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a little weird.  I definitely march to my own beat.  I like it that way.  Anyway, I’ll admit that I do some pretty odd things including, but not limited to, taking my cat for walks.  Now both my cats are officially of the indoor variety.  They live in my house year round and are not permitted to wander the neighborhood like the cats I grew up with.  It’s a safety thing, really.  I had one cat growing up who was shot with bb gun and another who almost hung herself jumping over a fence.  I think I’d die if anything like that happened to my precious little babies!  As a result, they are kept strictly indoors….at least unless they’re wearing leashes.

Yes, I said leash.  Here’s a lovely pic of my man taking Penny for a nice stroll this afternoon.  It was such a pretty day out, and Penny looooooooooooooves going for walks!

This way Daddy!

We’ve been taking her out on a leash since she was a kitten.  Unlike walking a dog, there’s no poop involved with walking a cat.  She uses a litter box indoors and would never imagine doing otherwise.  Penny sees the great outdoors as a giant playground with all kinds of exciting sights and smells.  She just can’t get enough of it.  Her favorite thing to do outside?

Cat in spaaaaaaaaaace!

She loves rolling around on pavement!  I don’t get it, but if it makes her happy….

Should anyone want to try taking a cat for a walk, I have a few simple pieces of advice:

1. Always use a harness, not a collar.  Cat’s are contortionists and can get out of a collar pretty easily if they want to.  As for the harness, I prefer one that clips around the neck and around the belly.  Make sure it’s snug but not too tight.

2. Short leashes are your friends.  Cats can bolt at the slightest noise, be it car or bird.  You need to make sure they can’t go too far and end up hurting themselves or some other innocent creature.

3. Protect your cat.  Chances are good that she’ll want to explore places that you can’t get to like under decks and behind fences.  Who knows what could be back there.  Use common sense!  Also, flea and tick medicine is a good idea in warmer months.  Flea bites are yucky, and don’t get me started on ticks…

4. Lastly, pay attention to your cat.  She’ll let you know where she wants to go and how she’s feeling about the experience.  Penny always gets super affectionate when she’s outside to let me know she’s happy.  She also lets me know when she wants in by walking back to the door.  Desmo, on the other hand, is terrified of his own shadow and has a panic attack when taken outside.  Different personalities on different animals.

Does anyone else walk their cat?


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