Day 50: Let the cat out of the (laundry) bag

27 Feb

I HATE laundromats.  They’re crowded and dirty and full of screaming children pushing metal baskets into my legs.  I loathe laundry day for this reason, and I must admit that I put it off until it’s absolutely necessary.  Or Scott does it.  Whichever comes first.

Yesterday was laundry day in my home.  Scott got up at some ungodly hour and took everything down to the laundromat hoping to beat the crowds.  I love when he does laundry!  So does Penny…

Warm and cozy!

She’s a burrower.  I swear she’s part gopher or something.  She sleeps under the covers, cuddles under my shirt, and burrows into fresh warm piles of laundry that I’m in the process of putting away!


She’s lucky she’s cute!  It’s soooooo annoying!



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