Day 49: Movie Menu

25 Feb

Oscar night is a big deal in my house.  Scott is a crazy movie buff and always wants to celebrate the evening.  Personally, I don’t care for award shows.  However, I love a good dinner party!

Now remember that my place is small.  I certainly can’t host big elaborate dinner parties for dozens of people.  Someday…::sigh::.  In the meantime, I have to limit my guest list to a small group for the big event.  As per tradition, my friends Kim and Greg will join us for a little Academy Award celebration.  Evening wear is optional.

I decided to be super cheesy this year and pull the menu from the Best Picture nominees.  See what I came up with?

Not all of the recipes are my own.  I spent hours searching the internet for inspiration.  I’ll link to my recommended recipes after I try them.  There’s no use in linking to something yucky is there?  Yum yum yum!

Oh, and my vote is for The King’s Speech.


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