Days 47 & 48: A Topper For My Table

24 Feb

Ah Thursday…. You aren’t normally my favorite day of the week, but today you’re positively blissful!  I slept all morning and lounged around all day trying to recover from yesterday’s casino trip.  I had a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted!  I didn’t do too badly at the slots either, and what I bought with my winnings inspired today’s giggle.

First of all, understand that I have rather eclectic tastes.  If I was rich, they’d call me eccentric.  I’m not rich, so they call me weird.  My home is decorated with all kinds of artsy fartsy oddities that I’ve picked up in my travels.  Of course, the first thing I’m going to do after cashing in my chips (okay….more like sad little receipt that the machine spit out) is go shopping!  I found this adorable enameled tin bowl in a kitchy little boutique that I just had to have.  It’s blue with green accents and HAS A PINK KITTY ON IT!!!!!!  Really, how could I pass that up?!

Well, I brought it home disguised as a gift for Scottie (who loves it, by the way), and placed it on my boring beige tablecloth.  The tablecloth just looked so sad next to my colorful bowl.  Something had to be done!

Enter today’s giggle.  I made a competely no sew table topper!

Ta da!

I’m a sucker for batik prints.  I have a fabulous batik sarong covering my classroom desk, but nothing batik-y at home.  I picked up this pretty blue fabric at Joanne, added some tassels, and spread it on the table.  That’s it!

This gave me a chance to use that grommet setter I bought years ago.

I think the topper really livens up the table!

The whole vignette.

There’s my fabulous kitty bowl.  Unfortunately, it was a bit overpowered by the batik print when placed directly on the fabric.  My IKEA lazy susan fixed that problem.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  Is it going to make it on the cover of any design magazines?  No.  Is it fun and funky and totally me?  Most definitely.



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