Day 45: Beribboned!

21 Feb

Sometimes I feel stuck.  I do the same basic things day in and day out.  I make the same crafty stuff over and over, and I get bored of it.  I swear…sometimes I think I have the attention span of a flea!  It’s not that I can’t concentrate on something, things just get monotonous really quickly.  I’ve got to change it up to stay sane.

I think this is why I’ve always loved learning new things.  A lot of people get freaked out by the challenge, but I see knowledge as an end to boredom.  Good thing too, because I came across a great tutorial today on Ruffled.  The tutorial is nice and clear, there are great pictures of the steps, and I love the overall look of the necklace.  I took the basic idea and ran with it.

and the finished product!

Hmm….it doesn’t look like much on the table.  How about on me?

That’s better….I guess.  Why do some things work so well in theory but not in practice?  The example necklace is so chic and elegant.  Mine…..not so much.  Well, at least it’s worth a laugh!


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