Day 44: Goofy Giggles

21 Feb

It always amazes me how I can never drag my tush out of bed when I have to, but on my days off I’m always up at the crack of dawn!  Ugh!

Anyway…today’s (er…yesterday’s) giggle comes from a wedding I went to last night.  My oldest friend (not in age but in length of the friendship) got hitched last night.  Now, I’m not really a huge fan of weddings.  I like the actual ceremony part (I’m a cryer), but I usually find the party pretty boring.  There’s all the shmoozing involved and what-not.  I love the planning part, but attending weddings just isn’t my favorite thing.  Not so last night.

It’s really strange, but I had some serious fun last night.  I knew a grand total of 3 people there besides the bride and her parents, but it didn’t really matter.  I had a blast!  I think it came down to the DJ in the end.  He looked like Andrew Zimmern and played the weirdest and best wedding mix ever!  I actually wanted to dance.  That never happens… And then there was the photo booth…

I love photo booths.  Hubby and I have pictures of our first date thanks to a conveniently located photo booth.  Last night’s booth had all kind of goodies in it!  We just couldn’t help ourselves!!!!

Yeah….super duper fun!

Congrats Melissa and Anthony for your marriage and for throwing a kick a$$ party!


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