Day 35: Indulgence is an okay thing

11 Feb

It’s been a long long long week for me.  I feel like I’ve been all over the place, and I just haven’t had the time or energy to do anything for myself.  So for today’s giggle, I decided to allow myself to indulge.  People think “indulge” is such a bad word these days.  Every piece of chocolate, every dollar, every minute has to be accounted for somehow, or there’s Hell to pay.  Forget that!  Every once in a while, indulgence is fine, even necessary, to stay sane and enjoy life.  Today’s indulgence/giggle: a manicure!!

Now this may not seem too extreme to most of you.  Manicures have become pretty mundane things in American culture.  Most women I know (and some men) have a regular nail salon they go to weekly for fill ins and polish changes and such.  A manicure for them is just routine…like brushing your teeth or getting a haircut.  Not so for me.  I’m an art teacher remember?  I spend the majority of my workday elbow deep in paint, clay, paper mache, you name it.  All I have to do is think about work and the nail polish practically jumps off my nails in fear.  My hands are like war zones, all covered in scrapes and bruises from who knows what.  As a result of all this, manicures are a thing of the past.  They’re just not practical, so I don’t get them.

Today, however, I threw caution to the wind and got a little pampered.  I chose a sparkly red polish for Valentine’s Day, and enjoyed every minute of the filing, painting, drying, and most of all, that great little shoulder massage they give you when you’re done.  Ah bliss!

I took a pic of my pretty digits and funked it up a bit.  Check it out…

Almost abstract, and I bumped up the colors.  My nails, however, really are that red!


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