Days 30 + 31: Pom Poms Galore!

7 Feb

I have been pom pom crazy this weekend.  I saw a tutorial on CraftSnob for these great felt pom pom flowers things, and I just had to try them!

I used pretty purple felt and an old button that I covered in beads (thanks Kim for the bead donations!).  I think it’s pretty sweet.  It’s definitely more whimsical than the other flower stuff I make.

Today’s giggle is a bit different.  I went into the fabric store to pick up pin backs.  I had fully intended to enter the store, pick up the pins, check out, and leave.  No browsing.  Nothing.  Why does it never work out like that?

I ended up with an armful of goodies to play with.  I’m such an impulse buyer.  It’s like I walk into a store accompanied by a cloud of dollar signs.  Ugh!  Anyway, so upon rummaging through the fabric remnants, I found the most adorable scrap of fleece.  It’s got lions and monkeys and is so damn cute I could puke.  Naturally, I bought it.

Now what the hell am I going to do with fleece?  I so didn’t feel like sewing anything today (got a nice blister forming on my thumb from that hot glue gun!).  Today’s giggle was created without sewing a single stitch.  Check it out!


I love my safari tote!  It’s big and slouchy and can hold lots of stuff.  Granted, the stuff would probably fall out easily because of the slouchiness….hmm…must be a way to fix that.

aaaand it's on

It’s super strong too.  Need a visual?  Sure thing!

I can't explain my face here any better than you can...

My baby girl weighs in at 9lbs!  And she was quite squirmy while in there.  And she’s not trying to chew off my finger either…she’s trying real hard to get the treat I’m holding.  Major giggle here!


2 Responses to “Days 30 + 31: Pom Poms Galore!”

  1. iris February 8, 2011 at 11:51 am #

    well, now i know whre my shirt went

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