Day 21: Happiness is…

28 Jan

All in all, it was a rather crummy day.  The kids weren’t behaving and, to be honest, I just didn’t have my act together.  I guess that’s what happens after 2 days of sickness and 2 days of snow.  I needed a giggle badly, but I can’t ever justify “me time” at work.  I know…I’m bad like that.  I’d been trying to flesh out a linocutting lesson earlier and decided to use that to create today’s giggle.

Everything started out well enough.  I drew a nice little tree with a couple of love birds on top.  Everything was hunky-dory until I started cutting the outline….WHAM!  It hit me like a brick.  A spiritual moment as clear as crystal.  It was as if the world stopped for a split second.  All the chatter and nonsense was gone.  All I heard was 1 voice, my own, repeating a single sentence.  “I am happy.”

Well, holy epiphany, Batman!  My inner self has never mentioned happiness before!  And all because of a little piece of rubber and a sharp tool?  I’ll just go with it.

This is what I ended up printing.  I think I’m going to rework it as a reduction print, but I like it still.

Although my damn fingerprints got in the way of the ink!  But apparently “I am happy!”



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