Day 17: My Problem With Drugs

25 Jan

I HATE DRUGS!  I hate having to go to the doctor to get them.  I hate having to worry that my insurance won’t cover them.  Most of all, I hate having to choke them down every few hours!  If it were up to me, all medicine would be injectable….although I hate needles too…

Which brings me to why this post is late.  I got up yesterday morning feeling fine.  Went to work.  Proctored a test.  All was good until about 10 – 10:30, at which point I started feeling all kinds of bad.  Like someone come in here and cover for me so I can run to the potty bad.  So I went home.

Let me just say the next several hours were anything but uneventful.  I went to the doctor, but he basically had to consult with the hubby, because I spent the whole time in the bathroom being sick.  Pretty darn miserable, let me tell you.

And then came the drugs…some kind of nausea pill they use for cancer patients.  It’s definitely a miracle pill.  No more puking, but it didn’t do anything for the fever, chills, etc. that I had.  Tylenol helps…sorta.  Life is pretty freakin’ miserable right now.

And so…

I think that about says it.


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