Day 6: L’amour

13 Jan

I went shopping today for Valentine’s Day decorations for the apartment.  I took down all our snowmen last weekend, and the place is looking kinda bare.  The problem is that I’m just not a huge fan of all the pink sugary garbage that is Valentine’s day.  Celebrating love is a nice idea and all, but the card companies take it too far.  The store I went to had the same pink hearts and stuffed animals as everywhere else.  There was nothing really original.  I decided to make my own Valentine’s decoration!

I had some polymer clay hanging around and made these cute little kitties.  They totally remind me of Penny and Desmo!

Here’s the back…

I think they’re little cuties!  Unfortunately, I baked them a little too long and…

Toasty kitties!

Scott thinks it gives them color…makes them Siamese-like.  I think the burned tongue makes it look like Desmo was licking Penny’s tushie….ah love!


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