Day 5: Let it snow!

12 Jan

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE snow days!  I get to sleep in, lounge around, and take the opportunity to just relax.  I also get to play in the snow!  Scott and I went to the park this afternoon fully intent on sculpting some snow.  I had this great idea for a Cheshire Cat…ha, right.  Let me tell you a little about snow sculpture….it’s really freakin’ hard!  Like insanely hard!  It just crumbles away into nothingness when you push on it .  The sun mixed with the white snow makes it impossible to really see what you’re doing if any detail is involved.  How did I not remember all this from my snowman making days???

Since there were no giggles happening here, I thought back to my childhood and plopped down in the snow.

Hooray for snow angels!!!!!

Couldn't stop laughing!

I feel like I need to mention that the above picture is not a 5 year old in a snow suit, but a 29 year old woman…  Laughter keeps me young!

Lastly, I would like to note that my snow adventure was not the only thing to elicit giggles today.  I came out this morning to find this:

Yes, that is a xmas tree!

Tree carcasses are so depressing, but this one…not so much.  He looks so peppy standing up in the snow.  It’s almost like he grew there!  I hope he stays for a while…


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    […] I decided to make a super big giggle!  I’ve tried some earthworks before in the form of snow sculptures and rock formations, so today’s project wasn’t that much of a stretch for me.  Scott […]

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