Day 4: Weather Voodoo

11 Jan

Teachers are a funny bunch.  One mention of the word “snow” and we become the most superstitious people on the planet.  “Let’s do the snow dance!”  “Don’t forget to wear you pajamas inside out!”  If you shake the [stuffed] snowman upside down, we’ll get a snow day!”  It really is funny,  but all we want is a day off.   I’m just as guilty as the rest.  Today I decided to put my superstitions to work.

May I present…

Weather Voodoo!!!!

The principle works the same as a voodoo doll, except that instead of causing a person pain, Weather Voodoo causes Mother Nature to grant us certain weather.  I tested it out with a few teachers and students today and anxiously await the results…..

1 pin for every snowflake!

Speaking of which, I just received a call from my principal that I have a SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!   I may not see any snowflakes yet, but I still got the desired outcome.




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    […] too.  It doesn’t even really matter what weather we are talking about either.  (Remember weather voodoo?)  Snow, rain, sun, wind…they all have the power to send minds wandering.  All day long, […]

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