Day 3: Key To My Heart

10 Jan

Today’s giggle happened in the classroom….drawing club to be exact.  I had a small group today, and they were all happily busy with their independent projects.  All but one, that is.  This student is… shall I put it?…..rather disagreeable, and he LOVES to push my buttons!  I made a bit of a game out of it actually, and today I decided to push back.

So this student, let’s call him Jim, signed up for almost every club I offer in spite of the fact that he doesn’t like art.  Weird, I know, but what can I say?  He must really enjoy my company.  Anyway, so here we are in drawing club and Jim isn’t doing much of anything.  I hope to motivate him by drawing along side him and begin with an elephant head.  Jim is impressed, scoots his chair over, and starts making fun of my drawing (which is something he does when he feels insecure about his own work).  The conversation goes something like this:


Jim:  What’s with the bug-eyed elephant?  He looks crazy.

Me:  SHE’s not bug-eyed.  She’s beautiful.

Jim:  SHE???  Oh no!  You’re going to girlify it, aren’t you?  Please, please, please don’t ad a bow!

Me:  Just for you, here’s a bow AND a necklace!



At this point, the other kids started chiming it with ideas for my drawing.  They were way too many ideas to use, of course, but I appreciated the input.  I took  my sketch home and (badly) photoshopped it.  Here is the end result:



It’s super sappy and girlie, but that’s what made me giggle.  What’s cuter than a tiny blue mouse holding the key to a pink elephant’s heart?  Granted, Mr. Mouse is locking up Ms. Elephant, but maybe she likes it that way…


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