The year begins…

8 Jan

January is the time for new beginnings.  Everyone seems to be making some kind of resolution, so I thought….what should I do to better myself this year????  I’ve been bullied into all the standard resolutions: hit the gym, wear high heels, read more, etc.  This year, I’m resolving to do something I really want (and need) to do:  Be Happy!!!!

Yes, yes……it’s a pretty tall order, especially considering my past history with depression and anxiety, but why not?  It’s the one goal I’ve never officially declared in spite of all my ups and downs.  I was too worried with all the other things going on to really consider getting happy.  And really, how does one go about achieving it anyways?  I don’t think anyone really knows, most of all me.  What I do know, however, is that the old adage is true…laughter is the best medicine.

My 2011 resolution is this:  Giggle every day.

Now, I’m an art teacher by trade, so I’m pretty crafty.  I used to draw, paint, etc. for myself frequently….not so much anymore.  I’ve definitely been in a creative slump lately.  I make plenty of art with the kids, but I’m just not inspired to make anything for me.  I decided to use my new resolution as a way to jump-start the creative process as well as become a happier person.  Every day for the next year I will create something that will make me laugh. And so, My Daily Giggle was born.

This blog will document my journey through 365 days of making things that are weird, silly, cute, funny, or otherwise giggle-worthy.  I promise to create something…anything…every day to make myself (and hopefully any readers I may get along the way) laugh.  Thank you in advance to anyone brave (and goofy) enough to follow me on this journey.  I hope you get a good laugh!   🙂


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